Thursday, July 15, 2010

7 Things You Didn't Know About Closed Lids

Wow, it has been about 9 month since I started the Closed Lids Blog.  In August 2009 I finished graduate school and in my head, I thought I was going to have a job right away. I had been applying for momths and figured something would come up once I finished school. By September, I realized that I probably was going to be unemployed for awhile.  After much brainstorming, the idea of Closed Lids came to me.  The original idea behind this blog was to serve as a medium for individuals who would like to learn and understand different ideas. While the blog and website has maintained its origins- dreams, astrology, etc; it has taken a new turn. I have been brainstorming on a few new segments and can’t wait to implement. As I reminince on the past 9 months, a few things come to mind.

  •          My First Post: My first post was November 26, 2009. Was that the day after Thanksgiving? Lol, I guess my mind wasn’t on food, it was on started my new idea. I was so excited to start the journey of beginning my own business.

  •          The Post I Enjoyed The Most:  My first article has to be the post I enjoyed the most. It was my first time outside of school, really sitting down and writing about something I enjoyed
  •          The Post With The Most Discussion: I guess it would have to be the one with the most comments and that isn’t a post I wrote. It was Mr. Transcend’s article about not wearing glasses.
  •          The Post On Someone Else's Blog That I Wish I Had Written:  Hmmm, well I guess it would be a post by Shaman Sun. It is hard to chose one from his site, because everything he writes is great content. I like the post he just wrote about Carl Jung.
  •          My Most Helpful Post:  My post about dream journals, would be my most helpful post. In this post, I give tips on how to record dreams and how it can help in recalling dreams.
  •          A Post With A Title I Am proud of:  This is not going to be a creative one lol. I am the worst at coming up with titles. I guess it would have to be my post about Mugwort.
  •          The Post I wish More People Would Read:  Well, it would have to be the one I just wrote asking readers to give me feedback.

 There it goes 7 post that come to mind when I think back on my blogging. I am grateful that I found this article from Problogger about the 7 links challenge. I am so glad that I actually wrote about something. I am going to use this challenge for my other blog: Changing Woman- so look out for that today!

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