Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why do I have dreams of someone I never met?

This question originally was posted in the Closed Lids Community Board

Ok, I've had several dreams about "Sean". I ain't ashamed to share that here. lol. The thing that makes it so interesting is that I don't consider us particularly close for him to have appeared in four of my dreams. the last one was really vivid too! It was so vivid that I felt as if I really met him. I shared this with someone else and he stated that maybe we have some work to do together. I'm not sure about that, but i thought I'd share this here to receive feedback on why I would have so many dreams about someone I've never met. Maybe he represents qualities that I need to incorporate more into my life. He's an earth sign and I've learned that I don't have much earth in my chart. Imagine that! Maybe that's it...- Janine

Janine: Even though you haven't met in person, you have had several interactions via in the internet. Through reading his posts and viewing his facebook, you in actuality do know a piece of him. From what you do know, your mind has gathered bits and pieces and formulated a dreamworld "Sean" and created a personality that interacts with you in the dreamworld. Just like you might have a dream about a movie star or sports figure, you should treat your analysis the same. Ask yourself what characteristics of this individual is my dream trying to show me. Look at "Sean" as a whole and in how he appears in your dream.

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