Monday, June 7, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: Kamadeva; An Urgent Need for Visualization

This weeks Mix It Up Monday post is by the anonymous writer Kamadeva.



People in this day and time don't ever take the time to actually visualize what they want for their life. I've had instances where I went up and asked people, what do you really want in life? Truthfully, what do you want to do with your life. Either the response is some programmed "great job", "security", "good marriage", or a blatent "You know what, I don't know", said with a dumbfounded look on the face. This makes much sense to me since people have no idea who they are aside from the central computer-herd- of society. Another question I used to ask people what have you done in your life that was worthwhile? Have you done anything significant? I am usually suprised by the responses, things like "Well I had kids" (even though pretty much every creature on earth can reproduce), "I bought this house", etc. My thought on this is that people haven't done anything significant, they have done nothing but survive, then reproduce a whole new generation of survivalists. They wake up from nights of sleeps with nothing left, no remembrance of their dreams. Or they have the most random dreams that are not even decodable because metaphysical consciousness has been lost to the extent where they can only recognize mundane messages. They lose their job and don't see the significance, they walk past the mate of their dreams because they don't see the signs, they are Jesus telepathically for help, yet when their higher self receives and puts a sign into their life, they don't see it. Programming at its finest! My friend turned me onto a science fiction novel that narrarated a society that ate psychedelic foodproducts from a company. These food products gave them the perception that was programmed into the food by the head medical society of that day. I thought this was very interesting, something to think about! Stop eating a hamburger and you see one day that the skies are a little bluer, wasup with that? Stop eating salt, and you notice that lettuce actually has its own taste. I digress...

Something so simple yet vital as daydreaming was reprimanded in grade school in order to keep us away from designing our reality, and accepting the reality of the herd, the mass consciousness that people are being forced to comply with. Much of our higher functionings were broken as children, and new habits were developed such as spending, laboring, and fear. You ever ask a little kid what he wants to be when he grows up at the age of 4 or 5, they will NEVER say things like doctor, lawyer, or chief exuctive officer. Really though try it out! They usually will respond with some superhero. Not because of the superhero, but because they want to do something that actually matters. That's why they tell you when you want to be a doctor, attorney, economist etc you will do superhero-like jobs such as save sick people, or bring justice to the world, when in reality of course those occupations do the opposite. The childs inheritant mission is replaced by visualizing someone else's reality. 

Its of the most importance to visualize everday the reality you want. We are all connected to central computers called the superconscious mind, which transmuted thought form into the etheric all that surrounds this physical realm. Remember out of darkness comes light, or rather, out of the darkness of the mind, into the imagination, comes reality. The average person does not visualize even for 30 minutes a year, if that individual does, it is negated by all the images planted in their mind by the media. You ever wonder why all the media avenues use psychic symbols such as pyramids in most of their symbols? They understand the power of images, and how everything in this Univese deals with thought first and foremost. 

According to the highly regarded doctor Jewel Pookrum, the brain is responsible for producing nuerochemicals the respond to mental images. She also claims that if one were to stay in their room for 4 days, and hold the image of what they want in their mind for that whole time, only taking breaks to use the bathroom or drink water, that what is wanted will manifest into reality on the next day (5th day). Now I don't know many who have that much discipline and will to sit down and do this, but I know it works, try it out for yourself! There was something I really wanted when I was younger, and I sat and meditated on it, for hours everyday, and guess what? Some straight miraculous shit happened, and brough it straight to my door. I mean this occurance had a .0001% chance of happening, their were no percievable odds in me getting what I wanted, but it manifested! From then on it was a wrap, I knew I a lone was responsible for my success, and the drama that I created while in this movie set called Earth.

We must get back to visualizing, its such an important aspect of life. Its how we create. We are gods and goddesses, who's job is to create, no matter that's a horrible reality, or a reality you choose. The newest movies and happenings in life all teach us about this fact. We often wonder why the world is like it is today, how could slavery happen, how could this or that occur, but it all deals with thought, on earth it deals with collective thoughts. Nations are built on the collective thoughts of the people. For this reason, its important, this is why attention is actually a measurable monetary quantity. Advertisers bid their hardest in order to get you're attention during a certain sports event. Do you remember the kid in class who needed attention, if he didn't get it, somehow he would do some new act in order to get that attention. Well this is the way reality is in general. You're attention is a very important part of reality. On the quantum level, the actions of electrons depend on attention, or observation. You're very observation causes a different expression of an electron, the very particle, inner sun that exists within every single being on this planet.

The point is, take time and visualize what you want! Not what experts, television, your friends, anybody says you should be doing! Find what you like, and visualize away. Take time to learn how to relax your body through deep breathing, and begin to visualize! Its simple, yet takes discipline! Once again, I believe coming into one's self doesn't involve learning some advanced new concepts, but rather washing away the old programming we all were so unfortunately strapped with. Take 1-2 hours a day out to visualize exactly what you want! Don't do it for 5 minutes and then the rest of the day think thoughts that will detract from that, focus, use discipline and concentration. Concentration is like a laser, this whole universe is a giant hologram, but your consciousness is the laser. By focusing upon something, truly amazing things can happen. Stop thinking with limits given to you by society. Everything is everything. Look into the sky and realize there is a giant orb in the sky that's so powerful that it makes folks eyes water when looking at it. Now imagine realize that you have trillions of these things inside your body, trillions! All shining, and waiting to be directed towards something. 

When I was younger, for some reason one time I decided to fast for a few weeks, and when I was done with that fast, I came to a personal realization. This fast was done to find my ultimate purpose in life, what I was here for, but I got an answer that was very vague and incomplete, until I meditated on it for more hours. The answer was simply, "create". Isn't that what a god does, create? Whether its good or bad? I found that there was no purpose for me, other then create, I needed to learn to create, create things that came from within my heart. I also needed to learn to use my emotions to create. That is something that the Earth experience teaches very well. Everything produces emotions on this planet, but we are not yet at the point og realization that emotion is the ultimate generator, the source for creation. All that will ever really matter is how you feel about what you are creating or not creating! Plain and simple. Visualization's source is not just imagining, but entering source emotions into the picture! That's the way it really works, without emotion is a baseless visual image, emotions and feelings set it into place. Get back to sitting down and imagining! Imagination is way more important than knowledge, its on the level of intuition, and creation. Its time we take back our dramas, and not pass the pen onto others to write our own script.

By: Kamadeva
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Anonymous said...

Great post, I see you mention Dr. Jewel Pookrum and her work. Did you know she is established 'thejewelnetwork' to discuss these topics in current time? Just this past week she and Dr.T Moore talked about how everyone has melanin and how it corresponds with the brain.

Kamadeva said...

Yes, I've actually tuned into a few of her blogtalk presentations, haven't checked out the one with Dr. Moore though. Haven't heard from him in a long time, I love his works.

One of my friends who works at the Morehouse School of Medicine actually was in her teleclass where she dropped a lot of information from her recent studies on melanin and the human body. A lot of her research seems to come from the New York Academy of Sciences, who publishes a lot of scholarly work on psychology, immunology, just the human body in general. On one of the lectures I have by her she recommends the book entitled
Melanotropic Peptides by Mac E. Hadley, which really breaks down how melanin can be made by any cell, in correspondence with the level of their consciousness, not their skin color or race. Everyone does have some level of melanin in the inside of the body. According to Dr. King, some heavy melanated Africans actually have less concentrated melanin in places like the pineal gland, then light skinned African Americans. but it is better to have it stay within the inner organs, then rise up to the surface to protect one against the sun.

Hence the reason why the really ancient cultures were forest dwellers (instead of living directly in the scorching sun) and lived in places like the Amazon, or like the pre-Yoruba Africans, in the West Africans forests.

On another note, a European naturopath by the name of Arnold Ehret makes a very controversial statement in his book "Mucusless Diet Healing System", I quote: "In my first article is the gigantic idea promulgated that the white race is an unnatural, a sick, a pathological one. First, the colored skin pigment is lacking, due to a lack of coloring mineral salts, second, the blood is continually over-filled with white color- therefore the white appearance of the entire body.

The skin pores of the white man are constipated by white, dry mucus- his entire tissue system is filled-up and filled-out with it. No wonder that he looks white and pale and anaemic. Everybody knows that an extreme case of paleness is a "bad sign". When I appeared with my friend in a public air bath, after having lived for several months on a mucusless diet with sun baths, we looked like Indians, and people believed that we belonged to another race. This condition was doubtless due to the great amount of red blood corpuscles and the great lack of white blood corpuscles. I can notice a trace of pale in my complexion the morning after eating one piece of bread."

I don't know how true this is, but is something to think about...

Changing Woman said...

Thank you both your words. I have subscribed to the blog radio and will look into Dr. Moores work some more.

The topic of melanin is interesting to me. I would like to look more into Mac Hadley's book. That is an interesting concept that melanin would depend on someones consciousness level rather than skin color or race. I would say based on my opinions I would lean more in that direction.

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