Monday, June 14, 2010

Have You Ever Spoken Another Language in a Dream?

Last night, I was having a conversation in Italian in my dream.  I started off a little shaky because I could not remember certain words, but toward the end of the conversation I was more fluent.

Last year, I was thinking of going to Italy for a job. and I started learning Italian, got tapes  and books. I never went beyond beginner level, but I did not learn enough to have a full conversation.

When it comes to languages, I picked up P
ortuguese quickly and Italian wasn't that hard to me. I am wondering if in a past life I spoke those languages.

It is pretty interesting when in dreams you can do things you normally couldn't in reality.  The dream confirmed for me that I need to start my language lessons again. I need to stop being lazy and master at least one language in the next year or so. Logically, I would start with French, but because of this dream, I am thinking I might go with Italian.

Have you ever had a dream in another language? and what did it denote for you? 

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