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Mix It Up Mondays: Amber Realeza -- Would it Kill you to be Nice?

This weeks Mix It Up Monday post is from Amber Realeza, called  Would it Kill You to be Nice? No, But Being Mean Just Might! To read more by Amber Realeza check out more of her articles

Would it Kill You to be Nice? No, But Being Mean Just Might!

Treat others the way you want to be treated, that’s the hackneyed phrase that has be etched into our mind sense were old enough to speak. It's amazing that so many adults still can’t grasp such a simple concept.  Many times we get ourselves in situations that are life threatening simply because we don’t follow this one simple rule. Most of us think we follow this simple concept, in actuality you may in fact follow this rule with your friends, colleagues and associates but what about people in restaurants that you get frustrated with and insult because they accidentally put onions on your hamburger. Or when you call in to your cell phone provider and jump down the innocent customer service representatives’ throat because you were irresponsible and went over your minutes and you’re mad because your bill is high.   Yes that counts because you have no right to be rude and yell at people who are not personally responsible for the predicament that you’re in. Even if the person feeling your wrath is to be held personally responsible, What good does it do you to be rude to them? What are you accomplishing? The only thing your doing is making an enemy, possibly an enemy that you could have made a friend, if only you had adjusted your attitude. Take a minute an tell me how it makes you feel when your angry and take out your frustrations----

On someone that is completely undeserving of feeling your wrath. It feels good to let out that frustration. How do you think it makes the other person feel? There are most definitely more constructive ways to relieve that frustration and in this article I will review some positive and beneficial ways to relieve stress
But First I would like to discuss the ways that anger can kill you.

Heart Attack
According to several studies at Harvard Medical School, A study of 1,305 men with an average age of 62 revealed that the angriest men were three times more likely to suffer heart attack. That means Be happy or die!

Your Behavior can provoke another person to harm you and potentially put yourself in a life threatening situation. For example; Algerian soccer star striker Rafik Saifi approached a female journalist named Asma Halimi and allegedly slapped her across the face. Apparently did this because of a article she had previously wrote about his engagement to a French woman. Regardless of what this woman may or may not have done. By taking the initiative and striking this woman. This woman could have easily had a weapon and killed him, All because he couldn’t control his temper.

It is speculated that Tiger Woods wife had confronted him about reports that he was seeing another woman. The argument got heated and, according to TMZ, she scratched his face up. It is said that it was then Woods beat a hasty retreat for his SUV — but according to 1 source, Woods says his wife followed behind with a golf club. As Tiger drove away, she struck the vehicle several times with the club.” Now what if Tiger had run into an innocent pedestrian and killed that person, moreover what if Tiger would have accidentally hit his wife with the SUV and accidentally killed her. She jeopardized her life and the lives of others simply because she couldn’t control her anger. Just because someone makes you mad that does not give you a right to hurt them.
Next I will discuss some ways you can productively channel your anger.

Firstly, Practice relaxation techniques. Anger can be a stressful emotion because it is so physical, your heart and mind race, your muscles can tense and you may feel sick. Focus on relaxing your body and mind to help look at the situation more objectively.

Clearly discuss with the person with whom you are angry, why you are angry with them. If she/he tries to argue, do not engage in the argument. Just come back to the bottom line. Which is the reason your upset and the ways you can solve this altercation.

Have Fun
Use anger to fuel constructive or creative activity. If your still angry, look for a physical activity to direct it towards. Dance, exercise and drumming are three ways you can work off the extra energy.
In closing, Is someone cutting you off in traffic or messing up your food order really worth your life? Relax and enjoy your life. If not your hot temper might just be the death of you!

By: Amber Realeza

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Monday, June 21, 2010

16 Methods That Can Aid Your Sleep Habits

16 Methods That Can Aid Your Sleep Habits

1. Use your place of rest only for sleep: try to avoid watching television, using the internet, reading,
studying, etc, while in your bedroom. Your place of rest should only be for sleeping.

2. Keep it simple: Keep your bedroom quiet, dark, and cool (our body’s temperature decreases when
we sleep).

3. Avoid stimulants: avoid eating or drinking things that contain stimulants

4. Do not stay up late: avoid going to bed late and go to sleep early. Going to bed early ensures the
proper allotted time for rest.

5. Wake up at the same time daily: try waking up at the same time every day, including weekends,
vacations, and holidays.

6-16. To see the rest: Check out my eBook on Sleep Deprivation called Sleep: A Distant Memory, a Guide to Sleep Deprivation. $5.00 for one eBook. Learn about sleep deprivation. Understand the causes, effects, and how to overcome sleep deprivation.

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Mix It Up Mondays: Chrono Khalid- Never Too Late

This weeks Mix It Up Monday will be a song by Chrono Khalid called Never Too Late. Never Too Late is off his upcoming album called Radical Dreamers. 

You can reach Chrono Khalid on his Website, Facebook, Youtube, and Myspace.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 More Sleep Inducing Herbs

The following herbs can be used as a herbal sleep remedy.

1. Catnip
2. Jamaica Dogwood
3. Sage
4. Jasmine
5. St. John's Wort
6. Peppermint

Monday, June 14, 2010

Have You Ever Spoken Another Language in a Dream?

Last night, I was having a conversation in Italian in my dream.  I started off a little shaky because I could not remember certain words, but toward the end of the conversation I was more fluent.

Last year, I was thinking of going to Italy for a job. and I started learning Italian, got tapes  and books. I never went beyond beginner level, but I did not learn enough to have a full conversation.

When it comes to languages, I picked up P
ortuguese quickly and Italian wasn't that hard to me. I am wondering if in a past life I spoke those languages.

It is pretty interesting when in dreams you can do things you normally couldn't in reality.  The dream confirmed for me that I need to start my language lessons again. I need to stop being lazy and master at least one language in the next year or so. Logically, I would start with French, but because of this dream, I am thinking I might go with Italian.

Have you ever had a dream in another language? and what did it denote for you? 

Mix it Up Mondays: S.L.C.- Disparities in Healthcare in Urban America

Our next guest writer for Mix It Up Mondays is S.L.C. one of the bloggers from In Poppy's Closet

In “Mama Might Be Better Off Dead” Laurie Kaye Abraham follows one Chicago family’s struggle to receive adequate medical care using the system. Abraham shows the glaring errors in the United States healthcare system as a whole, but especially for the poor who must constantly attempt to navigate all the red tape that comes along with relying on Medicare.  The book delineates a failing system whose consumers are not only becoming sicker and sicker, but younger and younger, which results in an extreme increase in young Black women being responsible for the care of a whole range of family members/problems.  The health tribulations that the Banes face, from husband Robert’s kidney troubles, to grandmother Cora’s several chronic conditions, and the fight to vaccinate the children are the same for millions of poor families across the nation who lack the education, resources, and time to properly care for themselves. 

Age is very much an important factor in Laurie Kaye Abraham’s analysis of the poor and healthcare. The Banes family in general is relatively young, and considering the age of the members on a whole suffers from very poor health.  The diseases that they are experiencing “among poor and blacks they {diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease] are more accurately called diseases of middle- aging,” (19) as opposed to affluent whites where they just come along with the aging process. In addition to issues arriving at a younger age, evidently the burdens of caring for the ill fall often times on young Black women. In the case of the Banes’ Jackie is responsible for the care of her grandmother, husband, and after her grandmother passes her father, not to mention her three young children.

 Irregular care is the cause for the rise in medical problems in many youthful African Americans.  Many of the poor do not have access to regular appointments and checkups, so often times problems are not noticed until they have exacerbated to the point of being uncareable, or in the case of the Banes’ too expensive to properly treat. There is this idea of not being sick enough to receive care, and instead waiting until they get to a point of hospitalization to seek treatment.  Abraham explores the usage of the emergency room as a doctor’s office in many poor urban areas.  She notes that “the emergency room is where the inequities and distortions of a health-care nonsystem—one driven more by patients’ ability to pay than by their medical need—are most obvious” (93).  Gross underfunding and understaffing contribute to the hectic atmosphere of the emergency room, and often lead to inefficiency and improper diagnosis or treatment plans.

If there is one thing that the reader takes from this book, it is that “many poor blacks do not understand the gravity of their situation, and doctors do not properly explain to them their condition or how the medicines work” (33). It is clear that a lack of education and time are clear factors here on the end of the patients and physicians. Patients often do not understand that something such as high blood pressure can lead to diabetes, which could eventually lead to forced amputation. More often than not doctors are not taking the time to properly explain the seriousness of an illness, or how it can be abated with proper treatment and medication.  Perhaps with education patients and their families would take care to seek treatment before the situation becomes dire. Of course, it is clear that money is the most important factor that is keeping many poor African Americans from receiving the proper healthcare that they deserve.

For many families like the Banes’ the caregivers, in this case Jackie, do not properly understand the programs that are available to them that would abate some of the homecare expenses that they provide for their sick family members. For Jackie, her days revolve around worries on stretching her welfare and her mother’s social security money to accommodate all of the families basic needs in addition to healthcare.  While Jackie would love to get off welfare and make a better life for her and her family unfortunately that is just not an option.  “When Jackie and other poor mothers get job opportunities, they must weigh whether they can afford to leave welfare and lose the automatic Medicaid coverage for themselves and their children” (257).  The care her mother needs is extensive, but Jackie does not know that there are welfare options that would offer her homecare, or extra money towards her mother’s care.  Many times, women like Jackie are too tired, too overworked, too poor, too stretched-to-the-limit to spend the time learning how to milk everything they can get from the system.

North Lawndale, Chicago might as well be any major, poor, urban area in the United States in Laurie Kaye Abraham’s “Mama Might Be Better Off Dead”. By following the Banes family Abraham exposes the great disparities prevalent in the American health care system, and the hopelessness that comes with trying to operate literally and figuratively within the bureaucracy of Medicare. The book dispels any preconceived notions about welfare and those who are dependant on it, by showing the reader just how hard it is to receive adequate medical care in the United States. Jackie Banes represents the poor Black women essentially doing what she has to do to get by. Every day is a struggle, and they live in constant fear that their benefits will be cut in any form, and that they will no longer be able to support their families. “Mama Might Be Better Off Dead” demands for massive reform in not just the healthcare system, but also the way in which we look at healthcare as a commodity for the affluent in the United States; the only developed nation besides South Africa that does not find a way to provide its citizens with some sort of basic medical care. 

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Friday, June 11, 2010

What is Mugwort and should you give it a try?

What is Mugwort and should you give it a try? Mugwort is a herb that I stumbled upon while shopping in Whole Foods two years ago. While in the beauty section, I saw a basket filled with these bundles of herbs that were meant to be used like you would incense. As a looked through the basket trying to figure out with herbs I wanted to try, I saw Mugwort. It was advertised to relax and induce dreams. 

After burning the Mugwort bundle for a few weeks, I noticed that I feel asleep more quickly. It also induced dreams/lucid dreaming and aided me with astral travel

There are many different ways you can use Mugwort, whether is is for medicinal purposes or for dream work. You can use it as an essential oil, place it under your pillow, burn it, or hang it over your bed. 

I tried to look on the Whole Foods website for the item I purchased, but I could not find it. If i do, I will post the link. I did find on Mountain Rose Herbs (great source for organic products) Mugwort. Check out their online store

Now that you know a little more about Mugwort, will you give it a try? If you have tried Mugwort before, what are your experiences and what is your method of use?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Live Chat

I would like to schedule a live chat at the end of this month or the beginning of the July. At the bottom of this webpage, there is an option to have a live chat. You can login anonymously or through your Facebook/Twitter accounts. The chat would be here on the Closed Lids Blogspot site and would focus on one or two topics.

Here is where you the reader comes in. What topics would you like to discussed? Send me your response and the top two response will be the topic for that day.

So far here are some topic suggestions:
1. How to get a good restful sleep.
2. How dreams affect your health, life, relationships, etc. Anything that exhibits the practicality of dreaming.

Look forward to seeing your responses



Monday, June 7, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: Kamadeva; An Urgent Need for Visualization

This weeks Mix It Up Monday post is by the anonymous writer Kamadeva.



People in this day and time don't ever take the time to actually visualize what they want for their life. I've had instances where I went up and asked people, what do you really want in life? Truthfully, what do you want to do with your life. Either the response is some programmed "great job", "security", "good marriage", or a blatent "You know what, I don't know", said with a dumbfounded look on the face. This makes much sense to me since people have no idea who they are aside from the central computer-herd- of society. Another question I used to ask people what have you done in your life that was worthwhile? Have you done anything significant? I am usually suprised by the responses, things like "Well I had kids" (even though pretty much every creature on earth can reproduce), "I bought this house", etc. My thought on this is that people haven't done anything significant, they have done nothing but survive, then reproduce a whole new generation of survivalists. They wake up from nights of sleeps with nothing left, no remembrance of their dreams. Or they have the most random dreams that are not even decodable because metaphysical consciousness has been lost to the extent where they can only recognize mundane messages. They lose their job and don't see the significance, they walk past the mate of their dreams because they don't see the signs, they are Jesus telepathically for help, yet when their higher self receives and puts a sign into their life, they don't see it. Programming at its finest! My friend turned me onto a science fiction novel that narrarated a society that ate psychedelic foodproducts from a company. These food products gave them the perception that was programmed into the food by the head medical society of that day. I thought this was very interesting, something to think about! Stop eating a hamburger and you see one day that the skies are a little bluer, wasup with that? Stop eating salt, and you notice that lettuce actually has its own taste. I digress...

Something so simple yet vital as daydreaming was reprimanded in grade school in order to keep us away from designing our reality, and accepting the reality of the herd, the mass consciousness that people are being forced to comply with. Much of our higher functionings were broken as children, and new habits were developed such as spending, laboring, and fear. You ever ask a little kid what he wants to be when he grows up at the age of 4 or 5, they will NEVER say things like doctor, lawyer, or chief exuctive officer. Really though try it out! They usually will respond with some superhero. Not because of the superhero, but because they want to do something that actually matters. That's why they tell you when you want to be a doctor, attorney, economist etc you will do superhero-like jobs such as save sick people, or bring justice to the world, when in reality of course those occupations do the opposite. The childs inheritant mission is replaced by visualizing someone else's reality. 

Its of the most importance to visualize everday the reality you want. We are all connected to central computers called the superconscious mind, which transmuted thought form into the etheric all that surrounds this physical realm. Remember out of darkness comes light, or rather, out of the darkness of the mind, into the imagination, comes reality. The average person does not visualize even for 30 minutes a year, if that individual does, it is negated by all the images planted in their mind by the media. You ever wonder why all the media avenues use psychic symbols such as pyramids in most of their symbols? They understand the power of images, and how everything in this Univese deals with thought first and foremost. 

According to the highly regarded doctor Jewel Pookrum, the brain is responsible for producing nuerochemicals the respond to mental images. She also claims that if one were to stay in their room for 4 days, and hold the image of what they want in their mind for that whole time, only taking breaks to use the bathroom or drink water, that what is wanted will manifest into reality on the next day (5th day). Now I don't know many who have that much discipline and will to sit down and do this, but I know it works, try it out for yourself! There was something I really wanted when I was younger, and I sat and meditated on it, for hours everyday, and guess what? Some straight miraculous shit happened, and brough it straight to my door. I mean this occurance had a .0001% chance of happening, their were no percievable odds in me getting what I wanted, but it manifested! From then on it was a wrap, I knew I a lone was responsible for my success, and the drama that I created while in this movie set called Earth.

We must get back to visualizing, its such an important aspect of life. Its how we create. We are gods and goddesses, who's job is to create, no matter that's a horrible reality, or a reality you choose. The newest movies and happenings in life all teach us about this fact. We often wonder why the world is like it is today, how could slavery happen, how could this or that occur, but it all deals with thought, on earth it deals with collective thoughts. Nations are built on the collective thoughts of the people. For this reason, its important, this is why attention is actually a measurable monetary quantity. Advertisers bid their hardest in order to get you're attention during a certain sports event. Do you remember the kid in class who needed attention, if he didn't get it, somehow he would do some new act in order to get that attention. Well this is the way reality is in general. You're attention is a very important part of reality. On the quantum level, the actions of electrons depend on attention, or observation. You're very observation causes a different expression of an electron, the very particle, inner sun that exists within every single being on this planet.

The point is, take time and visualize what you want! Not what experts, television, your friends, anybody says you should be doing! Find what you like, and visualize away. Take time to learn how to relax your body through deep breathing, and begin to visualize! Its simple, yet takes discipline! Once again, I believe coming into one's self doesn't involve learning some advanced new concepts, but rather washing away the old programming we all were so unfortunately strapped with. Take 1-2 hours a day out to visualize exactly what you want! Don't do it for 5 minutes and then the rest of the day think thoughts that will detract from that, focus, use discipline and concentration. Concentration is like a laser, this whole universe is a giant hologram, but your consciousness is the laser. By focusing upon something, truly amazing things can happen. Stop thinking with limits given to you by society. Everything is everything. Look into the sky and realize there is a giant orb in the sky that's so powerful that it makes folks eyes water when looking at it. Now imagine realize that you have trillions of these things inside your body, trillions! All shining, and waiting to be directed towards something. 

When I was younger, for some reason one time I decided to fast for a few weeks, and when I was done with that fast, I came to a personal realization. This fast was done to find my ultimate purpose in life, what I was here for, but I got an answer that was very vague and incomplete, until I meditated on it for more hours. The answer was simply, "create". Isn't that what a god does, create? Whether its good or bad? I found that there was no purpose for me, other then create, I needed to learn to create, create things that came from within my heart. I also needed to learn to use my emotions to create. That is something that the Earth experience teaches very well. Everything produces emotions on this planet, but we are not yet at the point og realization that emotion is the ultimate generator, the source for creation. All that will ever really matter is how you feel about what you are creating or not creating! Plain and simple. Visualization's source is not just imagining, but entering source emotions into the picture! That's the way it really works, without emotion is a baseless visual image, emotions and feelings set it into place. Get back to sitting down and imagining! Imagination is way more important than knowledge, its on the level of intuition, and creation. Its time we take back our dramas, and not pass the pen onto others to write our own script.

By: Kamadeva
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why do I have dreams of someone I never met?

This question originally was posted in the Closed Lids Community Board

Ok, I've had several dreams about "Sean". I ain't ashamed to share that here. lol. The thing that makes it so interesting is that I don't consider us particularly close for him to have appeared in four of my dreams. the last one was really vivid too! It was so vivid that I felt as if I really met him. I shared this with someone else and he stated that maybe we have some work to do together. I'm not sure about that, but i thought I'd share this here to receive feedback on why I would have so many dreams about someone I've never met. Maybe he represents qualities that I need to incorporate more into my life. He's an earth sign and I've learned that I don't have much earth in my chart. Imagine that! Maybe that's it...- Janine

Janine: Even though you haven't met in person, you have had several interactions via in the internet. Through reading his posts and viewing his facebook, you in actuality do know a piece of him. From what you do know, your mind has gathered bits and pieces and formulated a dreamworld "Sean" and created a personality that interacts with you in the dreamworld. Just like you might have a dream about a movie star or sports figure, you should treat your analysis the same. Ask yourself what characteristics of this individual is my dream trying to show me. Look at "Sean" as a whole and in how he appears in your dream.

On any given day, you can find L.Marie on her website,, her personal blog,, or on twitter, Join the conversation and interact.
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