Monday, May 17, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: L.Marie- The Origin of Shadows

The Origins of Shadows
Keeping the mind clear and focused on a single thought while the wind whispered in my ear and the sunrays danced upon my face was a difficult task.
Photo Credit: L.Marie
Spring break for many means fun in the sun, but for me, I had two midterms and a paper due the week I returned. My books sat to one side, my iPod, sketchpad, and camera on the other. In my mind, meditation would magically give me the knowledge required for the assignments. My mind swirled with thoughts. Focusing on one word and blocking everything out was my task. I started off with repeating love, success, and relax however the smells of rice, beans, chicken, plantain and the sounds of the street drums distracted me from my meditation.  I told myself to focus and started my mantra, until I was distracted once more.  After several poor attempts to meditate, I decided studying would be done another day, and a walk around the yard would be the new adventure.

My grandmother’s yard was not very large, but still managed to have an almond, avocado, plantain, and mango trees, along with aloe plants, hens, and that rooster. Walking around snapping photos left and right of plants that I had only seen in aisle one of the produce sections of the farmers market was exciting. Every experience was a first: walking, feeling, smelling, seeing; like a child learning the basics.  I began to wonder if my brief meditation session actually did work. Those moments spent strolling through the yard was one filled with respect and awe of nature.

The curiosity behind the origins of shadows escaped me by elementary school.  While venturing through adulthood,   time is of essence and noticing a shadow that mimics every movement often is overlooked. That day I noticed a shadow for the first time in a long time. I actually sat and observed the nuances of a plants shadow.  Forty minutes prior, I meditated in front of that same plant and had not noticed its beautiful shape and color.
Photo Credit: L.Marie

As I grabbed my camera, I noticed a blur zipping in front of my face several times before settling on the plant then zipping away again. I took about ten photos hoping to catch the mysterious blur that darted in front of my face.  When I looked at my camera, I saw that I had captured the perfect shot of a hummingbird.  I never saw that hummingbird again after that day, and after that moment I could never catch a clear shot.  It is almost like Mother Nature granted me with a gift for noticing her beauty that often is lost in the shadows of human glory.
Beauty often hides among the common, overlooked until one sits back to observe.  Cherishing these fleeting moments is a valuable lesson, for in a flash, the moment is gone.  

By: L.Marie

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