Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ask L.Marie: How can I incorporate my dreams into the waking world?

 Dear L.Marie- I have recurring dreams, 2 standing out in my mind @ ths time is the one where I'm writing songs & the music, lyrics and performance are all great, but I can't put it together while I'm awake.  The other dream is where I'm always in a very high positon (e.g. atop a building, mountain, top of a tree. etc.), and I'm always afraid I will fall.  How can I better incorporate my music into the awake-world, and what do these height dreams mean? -A.S-

Thank you for submitting your question A.S. Embrace your gift of performance. Prior to sleep, practice what is called dream incubation. Dream incubation is a technique that I frequently use and that many use subconsciously. Dream incubation is the technique of creating or visualizing what you would like to appear in your dreams. Prior to bed,  close your eyes, relax, and focus on what issues, problems, or situations you wish to be solved/answered. In your case, focus on recalling your lyrics, songs, and performances. You can ask to have clarity and a clear vision of what you wish to occur. A reoccurring dream means there is something that needs to be faced. You continue to have these dreams about music perhaps because it needs to come out in reality. I am also going to suggest you keep a dream journal (check out my article). Dream journals will aid your dream recall. Every time you have a dream notate the dream, if you cannot recall, jot down your feelings. Once you make it a habit to jot your dreams down, your recall will improve. I would say give it 1 to 2 weeks of consistent dream journaling and you will eventually begin to remember your creativity. 

Do you ever feel you are over your head in some situations. Are you afraid of heights? Once you reach the top, do you ever feel overwhelmed. You achieve great feats, but once you get to the top/number 1 you panic and become frightened. Face your fears, standing on top of a mountain is not a scary situation, congratulate yourself for being able to accomplish great things and enjoy your view. In your waking life, do not be afraid of your accomplishments. If at work you are up for a promotion, do not get overwhelmed or nervous, appreciate that you are being appreciated. Do not take on assignments that you know you cannot complete because of stress. Also, be mindful of the goals you reach. You could be setting the bar to something that you are not read for. 


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