Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Cleaning

If you haven't done so, I suggest taking a weekend to do a little Spring Cleaning.
Photo Credit: L.Marie

Every few months I do a mini clean of my possessions and then once spring arrives I do a major sweep through. Yesterday, I spent the entire day rearranging my bedroom and getting rid of items that are no longer needed. I opened up the window and the blinds and it almost felt like instantly I felt lighter.

Spring Cleaning has many benefits. The most obvious is that your space is clear. However, that is not the only thing that becomes more clear; your mind, your dreams, etc. By Spring Cleaning you also show yourself that you are not attached to possessions.

Once you are done with your Spring Cleaning, you can donate to a local Goodwill or to an impoverished country, you can also swap with a friend, or even sell on eBay.

I am currently working on an ebook on how a clutter free room equals a clutter free mind. In this ebook, I will write about organization and I will also have images showing the before and after of a cluttered room and the effects it had on the participant. (Coming Soon)

Within the next few weeks do a Spring Cleaning and let go of the old. Let me know how it fares for you.

Dream Sweet ~ L.

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