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Mix It Up Mondays: Kamadeva- Spiritualizing Business

This weeks Mix It Up Monday article will be coming from Kamadeva.

Spiritualizing Business

One of the most important happenings, that must go through in this generation- a time of rising spiritual energies- is the spiritualization of business! To be candid, I have read hundreds, if not thousands of books throughout my short lifetime on business, and many if not all are misssing key ingredients. I never feel like I can fully use the information, nor would I run my business in the ways that they describe. (The prosperity movement has produced great works though, like Think and Grow Rich, which gives you more of a blueprint, so you can stylize your business in whatever way you want) Who says you have to run your produce store like Raley's? Who says you must do this and that, or incorporate your business in this way? Its time to become sovereign in our thinking and lifestyles again. As the so called highest species on earth, we must be unique in our ways. Lets start with an understanding of business as defined by early legal heads.

According to Black's Law Dictionary Volume 2, Business is described as:
That which occupies the time, attention, and labor of men for the purpose of a livelihood or profit.... Labor, business, and work are not synonyms. Labor may be business, but it is not necessarily so; and business is not always labor. Labor implies toil; exertion producing weariness; manual exertion of a toilsome nature. "

Are you occupying your time, attention, and toiling, to a purpose that has nothing to do with what you've came to earth to do? If not business then becomes labor, which even the Bible in Genesis considers a curse upon "sinful man". As you can see, most people in the United States (or the world) do not run their own businesses (or even attempt to), but rather work for someone else. This is due to the fact that in our society, the art of calculating and measuring our life's purpose has diminished. People are constantly distracted by TV programs, family problems, politics, and many other distracting happenings, this causes the individual to lose "me" time. This "me" time is time where someone can really sit down and think about their lives, think about what they like to do, what they dislike, and how they can in any way monotize that passion, in order to use that skill in the world of commerce. Have you ever noticed that a majority of Americans sleep with the T.V. on? Or they must have music playing, or some kind of distraction going at all times. The fear is facing the self, facing the problems head on, and providing solution. Americans get teachings from the East and act like its something new, advanced, or supremely occult (hidden), when in fact its simple. For example, Westerners believe in order to meditate they must have color coded candles lit, an Indian mantra memorized, cloth from the 7th heaven adorning the body, music playing from Himalayan Monks, correct room tempature, some type of correct breathing pattern, posture of Buddha, all to meditate! How absurd! Meditation, something so simple is filled with distractions once again, like its some type of operation. We've been made into machines, we can't simply just be, watch our thoughts, or quite the (monkey) mind, for even a few seconds, but I digress.

Notice that the title of the article does not say spiritualizing money, or spiritualizing the stock market, but spiritualizing business. Business is a very divine thing when connected with the individual. Just as the forest has an economy that humans label as ecology. If you visit an habitation of plant and animal organisms away from civilization, you realize everything in the world has a commerce system. You trade with different plant organisms carbon dioxide for oxygen. Without even knowing you are contracting and engaging in commercial activity. Its natural to be a business man, the problem lies within the way it is carried out nowadays, and the ignorance about business pushed by board members that sit over educational systems.

From my perspective, the reason the media tries to keep individuals involved in things like the stock market or money (gold, silver) so tough, is to keep them away from starting businesses and actually beginning to acquire real things of worth. Don't get me wrong, the stock market can be quite lucrative and rewarding, but would you rather ultimately invest in yourself or invest in companies stock ("ownership") that you don't necessarily know, or agree with the practices of anyways? I'll never forget when I looked into the investment portfolio of my old college and found that they owned stocks in a certain jail (perpetual prison system). Does this makes sense for a Historically Black College, which prides itself on justice, liberal arts, and civil rights (notice not human rights), to own shares in one of the systems that holds many members of the black race inside its cluthes? How backwards is that. I was confused until I figured out that educational institutions too, are corporations, just like the governments who place people behind bars for profit, its all within the game. A fun fact: "All the Post Offices and Court Houses that belong to the United States are all built with the same Granite no
matter how far they have to ship it. This granite comes from “El”berton Georgia. Crystals and Stones can be programmed with intent, and since all the stones come form the same place it all holds the same unique frequency." Behind close doors, many innmates (slaves) are being sold to corporations, still to this day (read the book Slavery by Any Other Name). Its gets serious when monetary gain is involved.

If one researches the history into things like money, they began to realize that money was first used as a measurement of DEBT. I'm not talking sovereign information here, I'm talking ancient societies coining money in order to allow citizens to operate commercially with debt. When you began to think about it, you wonder, what were items like gold first measured against? How did they establish standards? What was the purpose of such? A very good book entitled the Lost Science of Money, answers a lot of questions of these and more. It shows that the fall and rise of many different civilizations dealt with the monetary system and how it functions (didn't a certain barron state that he cared not for the laws as long as he controlled the monetary system). In this book is explained many of the misconceptions and cover ups in relation to the history of money. Even top business schools and MBA programs don't teach these things, because in the words of the occult Christ, "The truth will set you free". In this case financially free from nations owned by Federal Reserve Board members, Euro banks, Roman Catholic holy men, Arabian barrens, and European family Houses.

The author offers words of wisdom when he recommends individuals stop putting so much value into "money", and see it more as an energy. What good does it to have a bunch of money if its not flowing or being used to advance? If one has businesses and offering an important service, it does not matter what the economy looks like, or how the monetary system is doing. At this point the business owner is paid in whatever fiat he decides, the service is more important to the monetary system. This is the secret of individuals becoming wealthy. They learn to offer a service. Wal-Mart is not hurting because of the "economy failing", its services are still being offered, and people are paying. I'm sure the owners of Wal-Mart can care less about things like unemployment, the dollar failing, etc. If the dollar completly fails, they will then require its buyers to pay in an acceptable manner. They have control! In truth, the issues with the American economy mostly deals with the lower and middle classes who are employees. They have no control over their finances, due to being employed, the employer decides if your pay is lowered, hours cut, or if you have to come to work with a suit or not. In America- well even in the world completely, 80% of the wealth is concentrated within a very small group of tycoons, while people are working harder then ever, and supposedly making more money. What a veil has been hovering over our money! Do not fret though, the time has come for the old tycoons to move over. Most of them do not understand the current the world is going into, but the ones that do are attempting to get into areas that are more lucrative, and not as industrial as companies like Ford (who bellied up). According to Forbes, many of these Tycoons are not actually becoming more wealthy, but are losing money. In an old article by Forbes entitled "Almost all of America's wealthiest citizens are poorer this year.", this very fact is shown. People like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and many more are now looking to buy into different industries. One of the most profitable areas in these days is alternative health. This is why you see more organic sections in places like Raley's, and even Organic Cheetos. Its only these individuals attempts to "get with it". But, they are not good at actually providing services.

In my analysis of many of the business that are ran by these so called wealthy individuals, I find that they cannot run their business efficiently, because they lack the spiritual understanding foundation of it (dealing with Universal Laws), the greed actually causes them to lose money and efficiency.

I have worked in a Corporate America setting, and have noticed that all managers are extremely stressed out, there managers are extremely stressed out, and if you get the opportunity of a lifetime to meet the owner, he is stressed too. Why is this? Because they attempt to gripe and reach into your pocket, and scam you out of your money. They never actually want to serve the customer, but serve the customer up a can of fraud. The late Napolean Hill even taught to provide more than what you ask for. Most are doing the opposite of this these days. Profitable companies like Rent-A-Center, thrive off of reselling items and ripping people off, McDonalds thrives off of giving individuals non foods with addictive additives to keep them coming back, Wal-Mart pays employees sticks compared to what they are grossing, and most if not all insurance companies are fraudulant to say the least. You ever wonder why the doctor is always scheduling you for another "check up", or telling you that you need to take this expensive new wonder drug? Its about scamming you out of your money, while not providing a legitamate service. Why are insurance companies and debt collectors calling senior citiznes that are nearly 80 years old trying to collect twenty dollars. Is twenty more dollars going to help, will it really make a difference, or is it about the control and instilled fear? Why are so many service providers adding hidden fees to your bill under phony headlines like "reservation fee", huh? Why does Wal-Mart totally maxamize net profit by making products in other countries utilizing sweat shops? What are they so worried about? Why must they keep making more and more money? Do they not have enough? Are the funds slipping away? What's really the problem here? When you began to ask these questions, you realize that these people running these companies are not wealthy, they just have money. Wealth is health, abundance, and enjoyment of your riches. One of my favorite MC's one time said "getting rich but we still feel po' (poor)". Think about it.

You have to ask how are you getting your money. Certain tycoons nowadays are not truly wealthy, they have money yes, but they have to scheme and grope just to keep the funds flowing, that's all they can think about. Some are barely human, they jump out windows when their funds hit ground zero, like that's all they are, like their occupation is all they are, in other words, once they part from their funds they are obsolete as a being. For this reason I don't look towards them for advice on running businesses. Sometimes I think to myself its more important to becoming ignorant to what the world's institutions have taught us through the media, education system, and societial paradigms. Its not even about learning sometimes, but releasing old paradigms. These men and woman are definitely not the model for running businesses, when you look at them with a critical eye, you realize they barely even know what they are doing, but since no one at the time was around creating business based on real Universal Principles, and spiritual purposes, they took over the wealth systems. Remember that most of the millionaires are first generation, meaning they came from mediocre backgrounds to say the least.

This is the era where things like this are able to change, the old tycoons had their time, now a new episode of businesses are ready to line the earth.
The main thing within all this drama, is that we must learn to once again make business a spiritual practice.

I quote:

"Men of the plutocratic type, who become very rich, do so as an agent for the source in building necessary movements for the they lived in. Rockefellar, Carnegie, Morgan, et all have been the unconscious agents of the Supreme in the necessary work of systemizing and organizing productive industry and in the end, their work will contribute immensly toward increased life for all. Their day is nearly over; they have organized production, and will soon be succeeded by the agents of multitude, who will organize the machinery of distribution. The multi millionairies of the past are like old dinosaurs, they played an imporatnt role, but the tides must roll on."

- The Science of Getting Rich

One thing I noticed when reading the biographies of these "tycoons", is that they came from mediocre backgrounds, many from slums in Europe, and came out ontop. Now they control most the world and its resources. Now if they can do that, surely people who are connected to their spirit/soul, especially in a time of new energies that support abundance for expression of self, can themselves become wealthy.

Many are now realizing that times are changing, they gave earth the necessary experience, now its time for the new "wealthy" to come aboard. I've been seeing this in my own life, I'm on the path to riches myself, and its nothing hard/strenious, its about merging with the energies and doing what you love, and also what kind of greatness you can offer to the earth plane. The energies of earth supports producers. Everyone is supposed to be a producer, not only of their life, but of their talent, skills, and interests in the form of a product, service, etc. The internet is the perfect example of this new age, it came at the peak, or start of this new cycle, its a great tool. Spiritual Businessmen and woman are supposed to be succeeding these barons and bringing true wealth, which is riches, spiritual riches, and abundance, you don't have to be like them to become wealthy. Do your thing, and let all the money (usable energy) float in.

The people now who are still holding onto the old system of Rockefellar and his boys, the one that had to strip, rape, cheat, etc to make money, are now having a little harder time. Thats why new laws, new schemes (read Gotcha Capitalism), etc are intact, they have to pinch all your pennies.

I've had a look into many of the new entreprenuers, and what they are doing to make the top dollars. One example was an individual starting a web-based business showing videos on building furniture, yep that's it. He had a myriad of videos and articles demonstrating in easy to understand terms, how to build furniture on its own. This was his service and he was raking in $13 million federal reserve notes a year in profit (not revenue). Some truly amazing stories when one looks into it. If one is productive with their ideas, they can really monetize ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they love to do. If this furniture building man can make $13 million in profit in a year, why can't you use your skills, talents, and interests to do the same thing? I don't care what it is, whatever you enjoy, can be made into a lucrative opportunity. America is a nation of consumers, but would it not be better if they were consuming great things that you were making, that actually have a significance?

Remember do not be discouraged by the wealth distribution in America (small 90, mass 10):

As its written in the Science of Getting Rich:"If you are to become rich using universal laws, you must rise entirely out of the competitive thought. Just as soon as you begin to think that all the money is being cornored and controlled by bankers and others, you immediatly falter. Never look at the visible supply, always look at the limitless riches that come from the inexaustible."

Even the wise Solomon (who's writings were actually scribed by an Egyptian Pharoah) tried to tell people:

"Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness. ... I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment: That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures."

One of the most important aspects of spiritualizing business, is to bring a new model to the business world. After studying business in college (didn't learn an iota of usable knowledge), and then really doing my own heavy research into topics of commerce, monetary systems, marketing, building entities (as LLCs, partnerships, etc), and business law, I was suprised to see how much people are misled into using other's models of business, that really don't work. In the book Buyology by Martin Lindstrom, the author really expels many marketing myths that are being taught within some of the worlds top institutions. He claims that most marketing teams are an actual liability to companies, meaning they are not really helping profit growth, the profit remains stagnate and does not depend on their researches and implemenations of what they thought to be effective. All the commercials you see on T.V., how many do you remember? Not very much, only the very catchy ones, and even those are usually forgotten after two weeks. (On a side note, how much of your life do you remember? Only the exciting, adrenaline pumping/life changing moments correct? Everything else is usually forgetten in the storage of the unconscious mind. This means that your life is a waste unless you are living it to its fullest, or at least you won't remember. So take those chances opening up a business, or following your heart/feelings). This amount must then actually take action in regards to the marketing, and that number is even smaller then the ones who actually remember the commercial after a few moments. The marketing schemes that most companies are using, hint hint, do not work! They spend millions of dollars to try to lure you into buying or using a service, usually to no avale. This is not to knock marketing, it is most definitely one of the most important operations within having a succesful product or service. People think they can create a great product or have a great idea, and that by its lonesome will bring wealth. Not at all! When you think about lightbulbs, or electricity, who do you think about? I guarentee it won't be about Nikola Tesla! Its probably about Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was not only an inventor, but a business man, he knew how to market his works, and get things done. His brilliance though was no match for Nikola Tesla, who actually invented half the workings attributed to Edison and others. Nikola Tesla lacked the business attribute, thus not as able to be discovered as Edison, even though a lot of his gadgets were stolen and used by the government after his death for occult purposes. There are singers out there much more talented then Mariah Carey, yet no one has ever heard of them.

Moving on, the lack of education and misunderstanding not only goes for marketing, but many different aspects of business taught to the average citizen are mediocre in effectiveness. The business man that must fraud you out of your funds, is not really good at business, he or she, was only able to capatalize on the opportunity due to the absence of superior business men.

By; Kamadeva

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