Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ask L.Marie: Why Do I Cry In My Sleep?

Dear L.Marie: My ex used to tell me I cry in my sleep-- a lot... Why does that happen?? - F.B ~ New York

Thank you F.B for asking that question. The first thing you might want to ask yourself is what in your life could be distressing you. You are crying in your sleep, that would suggest to me that you are having an unpleasant dream. It could also possibly mean that while awake you guard your emotions and it is when you sleep you finally let go and cry. I would also suggest that you keep a journal by your night stand and jot down your dreams/thoughts. If you are currently seeing someone, ask them to let you know when you are crying and you can then see if your dreams correlate with the crying. If you are not currently seeing someone I would also maybe try to figure out a way to have an audio recording of yourself sleeping.  It would be important to figure out the source of your tears and then try to solve the issue. 


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