Monday, March 22, 2010

Mix it Up Mondays: L.Marie- Unnecessary Burden

As a true Taurus, change for me is very difficult to do. But as I read many different teachings on life, I am realizing that change, can be for the better. I am learning to change and release unneccessary burdens. 

I read this in the teachings of Buddha and thought that it may apply to many people as they go through life. 

Once there was a man on a long journey who came to a river. He said to himself: "This side of the river is very difficult and dangerous to walk on, and the other side seems easier and safer, but how shall I get across?" So he built himself a raft out of branches and reeds and safely crossed the river. Then he thought to himself: "This raft has been very useful to me in crossing the river; I will not abandon it to rot on the bank, but will carry it along with me" And thus he voluntarily assumed an unnecessary burden. Can this man be called a wise man?

This parable teaches that even a good thing, when it becomes an unnecessary burden, should be thrown away; much more so if it is a bad thing. Buddha made it the rule of his life to avoid useless and unnecessary discussion. 

Buddha, seems like he was a wise guy! :) This story, is one that I like to go back to every now and then and reflect!

By: L.Marie

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plantfolk said...

nice reminder! thanks.

Changing Woman said...

Thanks Plantfolk :)

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