Monday, March 15, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: G.C.-Hope

G.C in New York is a first time guest writer for the Closed Lids blog. She submitted her poem for Mix It Up Mondays. 

I have walked, I have run                                                                            
I sat many a times                                                                                         
at the side of the road                                                                                    
thirsty, fatigued                                                                                              .
no one looked at me
no one lent a hand...                                                                                              
except The One, with the sandal feet                                                                      
I have wept, I have cried                                                                                               
I have hugged my pillows                                                                                              
exhausted from my tears
swollen eyes, sleepless nights
no one saw my tears,
no one hard my sobs... no one
except The One, with the sandal  feet
I have smiled, I have laughed
I have held my children dear
I have hugged, I have kissed
yet I still cry...
but I try to smile, because I know
The One with the sandal feet
will someday dry my tears...

By: G.N.C, New York

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