Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ask L.Marie: Why Do I Sometimes Recall My Dreams?

Dear L.Marie: Why is it that sometimes I vividly remember my dreams and other times as soon as I wake up I have no recollection, but I know I had a dream? -Nathalie ~ New York

Hi Nathalie, thank you for your question. Dream recall takes practice.

A reason for not recalling a dream could be that message was not meant to be revealed. All dreams are important for you, the dreamer to understand. However, some dreams carry more significance than others; that could be why you had no recollection. When it is time for to recall that dream it will come back to you. A simple event can trigger memory.

Another reason, could be you are not writing down your dreams. The more you record your dreams, the easier it becomes for you to recall.

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