Monday, March 29, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: Chrono Khalid- Fast Life

This weeks Mix It Up Monday will be a song by Chrono Khalid called Fast Life. Fast Life is off his upcoming album called Radical Dreamers.

You can reach Chrono Khalid on Facebook, Youtube, and Myspace.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mix it Up Mondays: L.Marie- Unnecessary Burden

As a true Taurus, change for me is very difficult to do. But as I read many different teachings on life, I am realizing that change, can be for the better. I am learning to change and release unneccessary burdens. 

I read this in the teachings of Buddha and thought that it may apply to many people as they go through life. 

Once there was a man on a long journey who came to a river. He said to himself: "This side of the river is very difficult and dangerous to walk on, and the other side seems easier and safer, but how shall I get across?" So he built himself a raft out of branches and reeds and safely crossed the river. Then he thought to himself: "This raft has been very useful to me in crossing the river; I will not abandon it to rot on the bank, but will carry it along with me" And thus he voluntarily assumed an unnecessary burden. Can this man be called a wise man?

This parable teaches that even a good thing, when it becomes an unnecessary burden, should be thrown away; much more so if it is a bad thing. Buddha made it the rule of his life to avoid useless and unnecessary discussion. 

Buddha, seems like he was a wise guy! :) This story, is one that I like to go back to every now and then and reflect!

By: L.Marie

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ask L.Marie: Why Do I Sometimes Recall My Dreams?

Dear L.Marie: Why is it that sometimes I vividly remember my dreams and other times as soon as I wake up I have no recollection, but I know I had a dream? -Nathalie ~ New York

Hi Nathalie, thank you for your question. Dream recall takes practice.

A reason for not recalling a dream could be that message was not meant to be revealed. All dreams are important for you, the dreamer to understand. However, some dreams carry more significance than others; that could be why you had no recollection. When it is time for to recall that dream it will come back to you. A simple event can trigger memory.

Another reason, could be you are not writing down your dreams. The more you record your dreams, the easier it becomes for you to recall.

Please read the following article I wrote about Dream Journals


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Napping is Good for You

I posted an article that I found on the Closed Lids Community forum about Napping. The article prompted a forum member to pose the question on how can individuals incorporate napping into their routine. Her simple question, prompted me to list a few ways I have successfully incorporated napping into my life. Check out my response below:

You are looking at an experienced napper!! haha. I love naps and have been taking them for years. When I was in high school some of my family members thought I slept to much, but really I slept just the right amount of time. I am rarely tired and I attribute it to napping.

What I do varies:
1. During my lunch break: At my old job, I used to take naps. When would I eat? At my desk, that way when lunch came around I had time for a 30 min power nap.

2. Prior to work: At my internship, I used to arrive about an hr early (had to beat traffic or I would be late) So I had my blanket (yes I carry a blanket in my car... no shame) I would take a nap from anywhere from 30-40 minutes long, then I would go in early for my internship

3. After work: When I would get home, it would be about 5-6 o clock. If I did not have any activities scheduled, I would go for a jog and then take a nap. I would take about a 2-3 hour nap, wake up eat a snack and relax.

I used to nap everyday, but lately it has been a few times a week. The length of my nap varies with what I am doing in the day. They range from 10 minutes to 4 hours. Some might say anything over 4 hrs is no longer a nap, it now sleep. Well, in my book if it isn't 6-9 hrs then it is a nap.

I am thankful that the forum member posed that comment about napping, it sparked an idea for an eBook :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: G.C.-Hope

G.C in New York is a first time guest writer for the Closed Lids blog. She submitted her poem for Mix It Up Mondays. 

I have walked, I have run                                                                            
I sat many a times                                                                                         
at the side of the road                                                                                    
thirsty, fatigued                                                                                              .
no one looked at me
no one lent a hand...                                                                                              
except The One, with the sandal feet                                                                      
I have wept, I have cried                                                                                               
I have hugged my pillows                                                                                              
exhausted from my tears
swollen eyes, sleepless nights
no one saw my tears,
no one hard my sobs... no one
except The One, with the sandal  feet
I have smiled, I have laughed
I have held my children dear
I have hugged, I have kissed
yet I still cry...
but I try to smile, because I know
The One with the sandal feet
will someday dry my tears...

By: G.N.C, New York

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dreams and Days

Good and Bad Days of the Moon for Dreams Occurring from the 1st to 31st of each Month

1.   Will be good 

2.   Will not come true
3.   Will have no effect
4.   Will be very good
5.   Will not enjoy good things
6.   Don’t reveal dream to others
7.   Everything will come as you wish
8.   Beware of enemies
9.   Will have what is desired this day
10.   Will come through with happiness
11.   Will see the effect in four days
12.   Will have adversity
13.   Your dream will come true
14.   Long time before happiness comes
15.   Dream will come true in thirty days
16.   Your wish will bring good results
17.   Keep the dream secret for thirty days
18.   Don’t trust your friends
19.   1Will be very happy in your affairs.
20.   Dream will come true after four days
21.   Don’t have confidence in anyone
22.   Your desire will be accomplished
23.   Dream will be explained in three days
24.   Will have much happiness
25.   Dream will come true after nine days
26.   Will receive much unexpected help
27.   Will receive good news
28.   Your wish will come true
29.   Will receive plenty of money
30.    Will receive good news in the morning
31.    Will receive sad news

This chart I thought was interesting, I found it in a book that my grandfather once owned. Unfortunately, the origins of this book is a mystery. The book has no cover, no author, and lots of interesting information. I have been searching for possible references, but no luck. I am assuming the book was written between 1940 and 1965. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: Mr. Transcend- Hemp

Mr. Transcend of Transcend Enterprise is the next writer to be featured on Mix It Up Mondays. If you would like to read more by Mr. Transcend, you can contact him via: Email,  Twitteror his Website
Hemp is effin amazing.
No, loser, I'm not talking about cannabis, I'm talking about HEMP!
Let's go over the whole genus of plants so that you understand exactly what I'm talking
There are three species in the cannabis genus.
Sativa – Very tall, almost like a tree. Does not contain THC in a very high percentage. (.3%)
Indica – Your basic popular culture marijuana plant.
Ruderalis – Wild hemp strain, has been said to be a subspecies of Sativa. Usually does not
have THC, but certain hybrids with Indica have been found/created.
When I'm talking about hemp, I'm talking about Sativa. I could care less about marijuana,
medical marijuana, spiritual marijuana, WHATEVER!
First off, hemp is stupid easy to grow! Insects don't eat it, it doesn't need fertilizer, it doesn't
even need that much water!
Where to start on the uses of hemp?
Hemp seeds are edible, containing Omega 3, 6 AND 9 fatty acids (good for the brain),
protein, almost every amino acid the human body needs, calcium, iron, zinc, copper,
magnesium, and phosphorus.
All the nutrients of hemp seed can be obtained from hemp oil as well. Almost like
concentrated life essence.
You can make milk out of it (along with a lot of other different seeds that have any decent
oils)! Tastes better than cows milk, actually. I've switched over, I only have milk nowadays
when I feel like eating cereal. (which isn't often).
Hemp fiber, which may be one of the most useful parts of the plant, grows under the bark of
the plant.
Anything you can do with cotton fiber, you can do with hemp fiber, except better of course.
Recent advances in hemp fibers have softened them up so it doesn't feel like your wearing a
burlap sack! Blend a little cotton in there, and you have a nice Super Saiyan T-Shirt!
Hemp fiber is at least three times as strong as cotton, gives more fiber than cotton per
square foot and WAY more then flax.
Hemp kicks flax's ass on an hourly basis!
And of you want the whiteness of cotton... just oxygen bleach it.
There's hemp paper, hemp composites...
You can even make hemp into PLASTIC.
Imagine that.
All those plastic bags and bottles thrown away on a daily basis here in America (which we can
melt back into oil and use a fuel, by the way) would just biodegrade and you wouldn't have
to care! It would make community service much easier, wouldn't it?
And here's the main thing that blows the petroleum industry to shame.
Oh wait, I didn't quite understand you! You mean that fuel that we're making from corn?
So... let's get this straight.
There is a plant that exists that can grow just about anywhere in the continental United
States, doesn't require pesticides, fertilizer, is extremely easy to grow, can can be used as a
source of food, clothing, paper, composites, plastic, AND fuel?
We are not using this shit, WHY?
Because a lot of existing establishments wouldn't get paid, is why.
Simple as that.

By: Mr. Transcend

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Friday, March 5, 2010

6 Sleep Inducing Herbs

Here a few herbs when mixed together can be tucked under pillows to induce sleep. 

1. Chamomile
2. Lavender
3. Valerian
4. Hops
5. Roses
6. Lemon Verbana

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mix it Up Mondays: S.L.C.- Love for Sale

 Our next guest writer for Mix It Up Mondays is S.L.C. one of the bloggers from In Poppy's Closet

In “Love for Sale: Courting, Treating, and Prostitution in New York City, 1900-1945” Elizabeth Alice Clement explores the shift from traditional parental controlled courtship to a new element introduced during this time called treating. Treating existed in a realm somewhere in between chastity and prostitution, and surfaced primarily from an increase in independent women’s work and the emergence of amusements made available to the youth without strict parental supervision. Clement argues that that the new existence of treating in New York culture “changed ideas about courtship and notions of sexual morality and disturbed the place that prostitution held” (3).
Treating was the act of women exchanging a variety of sexual favors with men in return for goods such as dates, access to cheap amusements, or clothes instead of money. Treaters, or charity girls as they were also called, strictly separated themselves from prostitutes, who they viewed as low and amoral girls. Prostitutes accepted money and endangered those who surrounded them, where as charity girls went out just for fun. Women controlled treating in juxtaposition to prostitution. This was important, as this was a time when women held little control over themselves and their activities.
At the turn of the century leading into World War I brothel-led prostitution declined, which led to the integration of prostitution in working class New York neighborhoods. Some prostitutes took the closing of the brothels as an opportunity to gain economic independence. They began operating out of bars, hotels, tenements, and created a small business culture that revolved around residential working class neighborhoods of the city. Others took advantage of prostitution being not quite so visible, and turned tricks in secret. These clandestine prostitutes valued their reputations, and many “felt a genuine concern for the people in their neighborhoods” (110).  The shift in prostitution-based activity during this time period allowed prostitutes (if they wished) to blend in as working class women and enjoy some economic advantages.

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