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Mix It Up Mondays: Mr. Transcend -- Don't Wear Glasses

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Don't Wear Glasses
Windows to the soul, people say that's what they are. Eye contact communicates some
powerful emotions.

Stare into someone's eyes and see what's going to happen. You are either going to make
them VERY uncomfortable, piss them off... or turn the heat up!

But, you know, that's a discussion for later. What I want to talk about is CORRECTING your
vision. You have plenty of time to stare into your mate's eyes after you finish reading this.
First off, I want to talk about eye glasses and contact lenses. Eye glasses first.
Eye glasses work by forming the lens in a way so that they make up for the damaged lens of
your own natural eyes.

Contacts work in a similar manner, except for the cosmetic lenses people put in to change
their eye colors. (It gets me every time, BTW, mainly because I'm usually not thinking about

I come to you with this message.
I disapprove of any kind of corrective lens, contact or no as well as any cosmetics. ANY
unnatural cosmetics, for that matter.

I didn't publicly, until I found an alternative solution, that is.
You see, I myself, have a pair of eyeglasses. In my younger days, I read an article that said
that eyeglasses actually degenerates the eyes!
From that point on, I only wore them when I needed to see something far away in school.
Nowadays, I just wear them when I drive. (Not even.)

I have recently come across the information that says not only the same thing as the one I
found back in the day, but it said HOW it degenerates the eyes!

The idea is that the eye shifts is focus often when it can't see something. The ciliary muscle is
the muscle surrounding the iris that focuses and unfocuses the eyes.
When wearing eyeglasses, the corrective lenses focuses everything for you, so your eye
muscles are just sitting there like, “Duuuurrrrrrrhhhh?”
Given enough time, they will degenerate themselves from lack of use, thus, you go and get a
stronger prescription for your continuously deteriorating eyesight.
I've known people that have worn eyeglasses for my whole life.... and still do!

So yeah. Eyeglasses don't help you. THEY HURT YOU!

The same applies to contact lenses... except that if you don't take care of them, they can
transfer bacteria directly to the surface of the eye. Isn't that wonderful?
So, by now, you are probably wondering what this alternative solution is. And if your not,
well... was it something I said?

Well, here's the alternative.

Yes, herbs.
NO! I'm NOT talking about mary jane! Get your mind out the gutter! Every time I say herbs I
hear something along those lines!

You wouldn't really consider blueberries as a herb, but, call it what you want.
Calendula Flower is another one, with the eye essential nutrient, lutein.

There are several others as well.
And of course, there are herbal compounds that can be consumed. Much more convent than
gorging yourself on blueberries.
Pinhole eyeglasses work by the opposite of corrective lenses. Instead of doing the work for
your eyes, they MAKE YOUR EYES WORK!

Your ciliary muscle has to keep shifting the focus because of all the holes obscuring your
vision. As it works harder, more blood flows too it. More blood flow = increase nutrients and
oxygen = HEALING!
All the cells on your body are capable of healing and repair. Yes, even the ones the doctor
said cannot heal (i.e. brain cells).

So, here are some places to buy some pinholes.

And instead of commercial eye drops (who knows what those are made of), try some MSM
eye drops. They soften up membranes of the eye, allowing fluid, nutrients and oxygen to flow

MSM is some amazing stuff. It can detox your body all on it's own if you take it long enough.
It's important for healthy joints, and for beauty applications as well.
It's like an all around nutrient! You can't go wrong!
I've said all that needs to be said about eyeglasses.



Soul Beautiful said...

Billberry is good for the eyes also. My father started taking it when he started to develop cataracts. He couldn't see things that were directly in front of him, but now he can read small print again.

Changing Woman said...

Wow thanks for the sharing that experience Soul Beautiful! Can Billberry be found in local natural stores?

Anonymous said...

nice Mr. T

----mash moo

plantfolk said...

yep, bilberry can be purchased at health food stores. great info, mr. transcend!

Changing Woman said...

Thank you Plantfolk. I will have to pass that information on to my eyeglass wearing family members.

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