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Mix It Up Mondays: Kamadeva- Scientific Basis of an Arcane Science

Returning to Mix It Up Mondays, is Kamadeva. 


Is Astrology a real science? This is the question that lingers in many individuals mind who have been smothered with a mindstate that only embraces Western ideologies, without taking a dive into more arcane sciences, arcane but yet still valid and useful.

Astrology is actually the spiritual form of astronomy. Astronomy deals with "the scientific study of matter in outer space, especially the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, energy, and evolution of celestial bodies and phenomena (American Heritage Dictionary)". Astrology is the usage of the astronomical knowledge, in the lives of humans, whether the planetary effects be through physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional needs. Keep in mind that Astrology is not limited to spiritual affairs!

As quite as its kept, astrology is presently, and has been in usage by business officials, judiciary sects, and even police sectors. For example, many companies now invest in astrology books, in which people from the Human Resource Deparment must study and read before given the ability to hire a resource (human/employee) for the company. These managers pool together the names, birthdays, and other information, so they can make a informed decision based on the person's personality. Most people believe that they are chosen for labor through qualifications they've acquired on life's sojourns, but many are actually chosen due to influences in their charts that fit the personality companies are looking for. Most managers state that personality is most important in choosing new workers, because personality cannot be taught, everything else can (i.e. training)! Even police use astrological sciences, when they make most busts, chases, and other warlike events on Tuesdays (day of Ogun, Mars and all other energies of war). Even business executives launch certain ventures at specific times. There is no coincidence most of the Presidents secretly had a seer, or spiritual assistant, to let them know when to make certain moves, Abraham Lincoln was known to have his in the form of Pascal Beverly Randolph, a historical figure known for his seership.

Now the question remains. Is astrology a hoax, just a bunch of meddling folks looking to understand life's meanings through superstitious and abstract processes?

Well for those who believe its not a science (science just means to know), it is now common knowledge that the solar winds from the sun's magnetic field, carry charged particles and vibrations that enter the Van Ellen Belt surrounding Earth and effect Earth's magnetic fields. It is also known that the sun spins on its axis, causing the equator to revolve once every 28 days (from earth's standpoint) while the polar regions respond much slower taking around 37 days to complete one revolution resulting in the showering of the Earth with charged particles. This phenomena is termed the solar wind. In his book The Sun, the British Astronomer Iain Nicholson states that:

"...the bombardment of the Van Allen radiation belts, which encircle the earth, by the solar wind causes changes in the earth's magnetic field; 'Variations in the solar wind produce changes in the earth's magnetosphere that are reflected in the terrestrial magnetic field at ground level."

A manifeld of possible health and behavorial effects of magnetic field variations have been studied, and have shown to effect the brain, blood pressure, body tempature, mood, amongst other things. The most interesting explanation of the science of astrology comes from the the observation by astronomers that every 12 months, a different kind of radiation from the sun results in 12 burts of magnetic activity from the Van Allen belts. Magnetic fields have been shown to affect the manufacture of DNA in tissues during preganancy (in developing fetuses). This phenomena is the reason the ancient scientists put together a system known as astrology. It was a rather advanced study of the effects of the different solar wind periods on the absolute personality of individuals in the society. Some historians claim that ancient societies actually had children go to different apprentice programs with other groups of children in the village that were born under the same archetypes (or signs), these were called soul groups. This allowed a faster, more efficient educational system, much unlike ours which is chaotic and unbalanced to say the least.

The ancient people looked at the world through a diffent lense then the present day Earthlings. They believed that every child came to Earth via incarnation with a specific purpose. They also understood that each soul chooses its parents, and especially the time of birth to help accomplish that task. A soul incarnating in the influence of Virgo would help that specific being by providing its physical template and mind, with the vibrations necessary to carry out the chosen task. This was not some silly make believe charts, but science in order to further organize society. Imagine what Earth would be like if every individual knew what he/she came to Earth to do? There would be a lot less time wasted soul searching, finding yourself, etc, and more focus on the particular task, there would also be less mass confusion, harships (which are used by your spirit guides to get you back on track) and just more spirituality in general. Have you ever seen Michael Jordan play baseball? It just wasn't his niche, astrology, numerology, and other sciences help to decode and understand the script that lays in the astral plane that describes what the individual soul came to Earth to do. This is a SCIENCE that must be understood and utilized for a smooth life on the planet. Remember all humans originally are star matter formations (cosmic dust), You're a STAR (so says the saying-every man and every woman).

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