Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ask L.Marie: I keep having dreams that come true

Dear L.Marie: I keep having dreams that come true the next morning!! It is strange, like deja vu. Have you experienced this?  -Anonymous ~

Thank you for submitting this comment! I have dreams that come true, not always the next morning, but sometimes the next week or couple of months. Majority of my dreams, are dreams  that are true for other people. I will have a dream of a friend and they say to me' OMG that happened to me last night" etc. 

The thing to wonder is, should you try to change the outcome of the dreams? I had a friend, who I told her something was going to happen to her. She is well aware that my dreams come true 90% of the time and she still went ahead and did the deed and the dream came true. Afterwards, she was said to me 'man I should have listened to you.' But I wonder, if that is what fate is about. Even if you have visions of the future, you cant change them, because these situations are what God, the Universe,  or whoever you believe in put in motion.

These precognitive dreams that I have, I do not really pay them mind. If they involve another individual, I tell them the dream and I let them decide for themselves how they want to take the dream. I try not to get caught up in prophetic dreams, because it can become an obsession/addiction. Obsessions/addictions are not on my to do list. 


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Mr. Transcend855 said...

Mr. Transcend changed the outcome of one of his perdictive dreams. :]

Changing Woman said...

How did that work out for you? Do you feel you benefited from seeing the event prior to it happening.

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