Friday, February 26, 2010

5 Crystals I received as gifts

12 days ago, I asked my angel guidance board 'what do I need to aid my abilities', the answer was crystals. 11 days ago,  a friend had a dream about me, crystals, and psychic ability. 10 days ago, another friend asked me what crystals are helpful  for dreams.  9 days ago, another friend told me she was going to purchase crystals for me. Today, I received those crystals in the mail and was shocked at how in tune my friend and I were. The crystals she purchased  were crystal I desired or crystals that my crystal deck suggested I needed.

The signs were all around me and I have taken heed. I have been reading and adding more to my knowledge of crystals and I can't wait to see what is in store for me!

5 Crystals I Received as Gifts
* Jade- light green, good health, luck, abundance
*Malachite- dark green, enlightened leadership, creativity, confidence, healed heart
*Angelite- light blue, angelic communication, higher self, expression
*Quartz- rutilated, amplification, acceleration, expanding awareness, grounds and quickens manifestation
*Rose quartz- pink


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