Friday, February 26, 2010

5 Crystals I received as gifts

12 days ago, I asked my angel guidance board 'what do I need to aid my abilities', the answer was crystals. 11 days ago,  a friend had a dream about me, crystals, and psychic ability. 10 days ago, another friend asked me what crystals are helpful  for dreams.  9 days ago, another friend told me she was going to purchase crystals for me. Today, I received those crystals in the mail and was shocked at how in tune my friend and I were. The crystals she purchased  were crystal I desired or crystals that my crystal deck suggested I needed.

The signs were all around me and I have taken heed. I have been reading and adding more to my knowledge of crystals and I can't wait to see what is in store for me!

5 Crystals I Received as Gifts
* Jade- light green, good health, luck, abundance
*Malachite- dark green, enlightened leadership, creativity, confidence, healed heart
*Angelite- light blue, angelic communication, higher self, expression
*Quartz- rutilated, amplification, acceleration, expanding awareness, grounds and quickens manifestation
*Rose quartz- pink


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

11 green crystals that aid psychic abilities

11 green crystals that aid psychic abilities
(5)Green Flourite

Bonus (12)Jade


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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: L.Marie- Loop Holes in Underage Drinking

Loop Holes in Underage Drinking: Responsibility vs. Homecoming Success
In recent news the legal drinking age has been debated. Many are in support of lowering the drinking age to 18 years, while others are in support of keeping the drinking age at 21 years. On college campuses drinking age has become a pertinent and frequent point of discussion for administrators. Underage drinking has become a sort of epidemic that sweeps the nation. Officials are urged to enforce “Over the limit, under arrest” law. However, these laws are difficult to uphold due to the characteristics of some events.  College homecomings or sport events tend to be events where drinking is done excessively and done by almost all age levels. At times campus officials choose to look the other way in favor of homecoming or game success. This illegal patronizing of underage drinking is a dilemma that officials face. Their ethics are challenged and they must choose between the responsibility of their duties versus success of the college sporting event and fan satisfaction.

It was an exciting 2006 Homecoming Week. A concert featuring musical artists Kelis and Nas, a fashion show hosted by Top Model Eva, and a Masquerade Ball attended by students dressed in the latest styles; the week ended with the main attraction: the Homecoming football game at Morehouse College. Morehouse College was a sub par HBCU College Football team that 2006 year. Who actually went to the games? Students flocked in numbers, not to the game, but to the tailgate. Tailgate, year after year, had become the main attraction on the college campus. Freshman, seniors, and alumni from the surrounding schools: Spelman College, Morehouse College, and Clark Atlanta University looked forward to the perennial event. This event is one whereby the three campuses for one day were no longer considered a “Dry Campus” and instantly at midnight was transferred into a “Wet Campus”. Students could for one day walk around all the campuses with a Budweiser in one hand and a Corona in the other without fear of campus police. Freshman no longer had to sneak alcohol and try to find a junior or senior to get their stash, they now could walk up to any tailgate tent and ask for a Miller Light. Young girls could get free liquor from the Greek Fraternity if they stated their undergarments were frat colors. A normally calm campus, for one day had no regard to laws, rules, and regulation. Disregard for laws, rules, and regulation was not just limited to students, but faculty, alumni, and campus police who all for one day disregarded the legal drinking age.

 Hitt (1990) states, “Thus, it is clear that an organization to be successful needs the guidance of a clear set of values.” (p. 16-17).  These college campuses have a set value system, but are having conflicts enforcing set values when it comes to certain campus sporting events. Finding equilibrium between responsibility, homecoming success, and fan satisfaction, is proving to be difficult and is a challenge; According to Hitt (1990), “Even with the omnipresence of values in our everyday lives, we still find it difficult to “get a handle” on them.” (p.6) College Campuses will need to find a resolution to the underage drinking that occurs at sporting events and reprimand those campus officials who disregard their responsibilities vis-à- vis the law.

By: L.Marie 

Reference: Hitt, W. D.  (1990) . Ethics and Leadership: Putting Theory into Practice.  ColumbusOhio:  Battelle Memorial Institute. 

10 More Crystals that aid in the Dream Realm

(1)AMETHYST: aids with insomnia, opens intuition and gifts.
(2)AMBER: cleanses the chakras
(3)BLOODSTONE: stimulates dreams
(4)JADE: insight to dreams
(8)DANBURITE: aids in lucid dreaming
(9)ULEXITE, (10)SMOKY QUARTZ: meditation


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Friday, February 19, 2010

Ask L.Marie: What Crystals can aid me in the Dream World?

Dear L.Marie: What crystals can aid  me in having more lucid and vivid dreams,  along with dream recall? -S. NJ~
Photo Credit: L.Marie

Thank you S. for asking that great question. The following crystals will aid you in the dream world. Lucid: Danburite, Moonstone  Enhancing:  Rhodochrosite. Recall: Celestite,Herkimer Diamond, Howlite, Jasper,Kyanite, Green Sapphire. 


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ask L.Marie: I keep having dreams that come true

Dear L.Marie: I keep having dreams that come true the next morning!! It is strange, like deja vu. Have you experienced this?  -Anonymous ~

Thank you for submitting this comment! I have dreams that come true, not always the next morning, but sometimes the next week or couple of months. Majority of my dreams, are dreams  that are true for other people. I will have a dream of a friend and they say to me' OMG that happened to me last night" etc. 

The thing to wonder is, should you try to change the outcome of the dreams? I had a friend, who I told her something was going to happen to her. She is well aware that my dreams come true 90% of the time and she still went ahead and did the deed and the dream came true. Afterwards, she was said to me 'man I should have listened to you.' But I wonder, if that is what fate is about. Even if you have visions of the future, you cant change them, because these situations are what God, the Universe,  or whoever you believe in put in motion.

These precognitive dreams that I have, I do not really pay them mind. If they involve another individual, I tell them the dream and I let them decide for themselves how they want to take the dream. I try not to get caught up in prophetic dreams, because it can become an obsession/addiction. Obsessions/addictions are not on my to do list. 


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book Review: Living Your Dreams- Gayle Delaney Ph.D

Living Your Dreams by Gayle Delaney is an excellent resource for beginner dreamers and experts. The version that I read was a reprint of the 1979 publication. Following her original book, Delaney follows the idea that the dreamer is the creator of their own dreams. Delaney uses movies as an example of dreams and that the dreamer is the star, producer, director, etc. With this idea, she states only the dreamer can truly interpret his dream. Delaney goes through several concepts; dream incubation, different types of dreams, lucid dreams, outer body experiences, starting a dream group, etc.

What I enjoyed the most about this book was the  in depth discussion on dreams. Delaney has several dream examples in the book which she references. While I enjoyed the examples, I felt that there were too many lengthy ones. Delaney also provides tips for dream recall, affirmations, incubation ideas, and journaling tips.

I recommend Living Your Dreams by Gayle Delaney for any individual who wishes to delve into readings beyond dream dictionaries.

Living Your Dreams- Gayle Delaney Ph.D.  Harper San Fransisco, 1996. ISBN(pbk): 0-06-25446-6


Monday, February 15, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: Kamadeva- Scientific Basis of an Arcane Science

Returning to Mix It Up Mondays, is Kamadeva. 


Is Astrology a real science? This is the question that lingers in many individuals mind who have been smothered with a mindstate that only embraces Western ideologies, without taking a dive into more arcane sciences, arcane but yet still valid and useful.

Astrology is actually the spiritual form of astronomy. Astronomy deals with "the scientific study of matter in outer space, especially the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, energy, and evolution of celestial bodies and phenomena (American Heritage Dictionary)". Astrology is the usage of the astronomical knowledge, in the lives of humans, whether the planetary effects be through physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional needs. Keep in mind that Astrology is not limited to spiritual affairs!

As quite as its kept, astrology is presently, and has been in usage by business officials, judiciary sects, and even police sectors. For example, many companies now invest in astrology books, in which people from the Human Resource Deparment must study and read before given the ability to hire a resource (human/employee) for the company. These managers pool together the names, birthdays, and other information, so they can make a informed decision based on the person's personality. Most people believe that they are chosen for labor through qualifications they've acquired on life's sojourns, but many are actually chosen due to influences in their charts that fit the personality companies are looking for. Most managers state that personality is most important in choosing new workers, because personality cannot be taught, everything else can (i.e. training)! Even police use astrological sciences, when they make most busts, chases, and other warlike events on Tuesdays (day of Ogun, Mars and all other energies of war). Even business executives launch certain ventures at specific times. There is no coincidence most of the Presidents secretly had a seer, or spiritual assistant, to let them know when to make certain moves, Abraham Lincoln was known to have his in the form of Pascal Beverly Randolph, a historical figure known for his seership.

Now the question remains. Is astrology a hoax, just a bunch of meddling folks looking to understand life's meanings through superstitious and abstract processes?

Well for those who believe its not a science (science just means to know), it is now common knowledge that the solar winds from the sun's magnetic field, carry charged particles and vibrations that enter the Van Ellen Belt surrounding Earth and effect Earth's magnetic fields. It is also known that the sun spins on its axis, causing the equator to revolve once every 28 days (from earth's standpoint) while the polar regions respond much slower taking around 37 days to complete one revolution resulting in the showering of the Earth with charged particles. This phenomena is termed the solar wind. In his book The Sun, the British Astronomer Iain Nicholson states that:

"...the bombardment of the Van Allen radiation belts, which encircle the earth, by the solar wind causes changes in the earth's magnetic field; 'Variations in the solar wind produce changes in the earth's magnetosphere that are reflected in the terrestrial magnetic field at ground level."

A manifeld of possible health and behavorial effects of magnetic field variations have been studied, and have shown to effect the brain, blood pressure, body tempature, mood, amongst other things. The most interesting explanation of the science of astrology comes from the the observation by astronomers that every 12 months, a different kind of radiation from the sun results in 12 burts of magnetic activity from the Van Allen belts. Magnetic fields have been shown to affect the manufacture of DNA in tissues during preganancy (in developing fetuses). This phenomena is the reason the ancient scientists put together a system known as astrology. It was a rather advanced study of the effects of the different solar wind periods on the absolute personality of individuals in the society. Some historians claim that ancient societies actually had children go to different apprentice programs with other groups of children in the village that were born under the same archetypes (or signs), these were called soul groups. This allowed a faster, more efficient educational system, much unlike ours which is chaotic and unbalanced to say the least.

The ancient people looked at the world through a diffent lense then the present day Earthlings. They believed that every child came to Earth via incarnation with a specific purpose. They also understood that each soul chooses its parents, and especially the time of birth to help accomplish that task. A soul incarnating in the influence of Virgo would help that specific being by providing its physical template and mind, with the vibrations necessary to carry out the chosen task. This was not some silly make believe charts, but science in order to further organize society. Imagine what Earth would be like if every individual knew what he/she came to Earth to do? There would be a lot less time wasted soul searching, finding yourself, etc, and more focus on the particular task, there would also be less mass confusion, harships (which are used by your spirit guides to get you back on track) and just more spirituality in general. Have you ever seen Michael Jordan play baseball? It just wasn't his niche, astrology, numerology, and other sciences help to decode and understand the script that lays in the astral plane that describes what the individual soul came to Earth to do. This is a SCIENCE that must be understood and utilized for a smooth life on the planet. Remember all humans originally are star matter formations (cosmic dust), You're a STAR (so says the saying-every man and every woman).

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

3 Crystals To Use While Astral Traveling

I have used crystals to meditate prior to bed or to stimulate dreams. I often forget to protect myself while in the dream world or having astral travel adventures. The following crystals aid in protection.

Three Crystals for Astral Travel Protection 
1. Hematite
2. Jasper
3. Jet

What do you use or recommend? 


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Monday, February 8, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: Flying Catterpillar -- Socialized Sympathy

Flying Catterpillar is the next guest writer for Mix It Up Mondays. If you would like to read more by Flying Catterpillar, She can be contacted via her blog

Socialized Sympathy: I Thought Mournings were supposed to be Good

First grade taunts of ooohh..Ms. Malloy got a wig on and look, G, look, you can see Ms. Malloy's bra through her shirt, always fueled my intense interest with Ms. Malloy. She always wore these sheer shirts with a conservative pearl clasp in the back that you could see her bra through. I don’t think she did it intentionally like those women with the pseudo baby hairs that walk down the street twitching an itch and talking to the air. I just think that she was old and had an expired sense of style. But, hey, maybe she did wear them intentionally. It wasn’t like she was blind or anything. With the sheer tops came the whispers of  pssh... ppssh...Dashawn said Ms. Malloy only got one titty. Dashawn usually knew what he was talking about when it came to stuff like this because his older brother was the star basketball player for MLK Boule Society high school and a lot of girls liked him.

As a six year old in 1990, discussions of one titty was kind of a big deal. When she wore those sheer tops with the conservative clasp she would always wear an old lady plain Jane white bra underneath; I always thought, if she really wanted to give a show, she would have added a lil’ pizzaz to her undergarments, you know, like the ones in Victoria Secret; but when she wore her old lady sheer tops with the conservative pearl clasp on the back, she really wasn’t trying to keep any secrets, now was she? Whenever she graced Ms. Jackson's first grade class with her white sheer shirts I would always try to guess which bra cup held her authentic titty and which one held her chicken breast or stuffed tissue. I never had any luck in guessing... her bra cups were so pointy they looked like missles. So both cups looked liked they stored a chicken breast and a banana if you ask me.

Ms. Malloy’s presence always stunk of death. I remember looking at her skin intrigued by its clay like visual texture. She had the appearance of an aged black baby doll, well, maybe just aged in the face, for, her tightly curled wig was always shiny and new looking like my ebony colored cabbage patch dolls whose hair I shined with spit and globs of Blue Magic grease that I stole from my sister's dresser.  Her skin looked like clay and chocolate Hershey Kisses.  Sometimes she walked with a cane and attached to that cane were tubes and wires that were connected to her body and sometimes went up her nose. I saw a few people walking around with those canes...I never knew why they had them, so whenever I saw Ms. Malloy with those tubes, I just thought she was one of them.

It was the first funeral that I ever attended; I was excited for the experience. I was more concerned about my wardrobe than the fact that I would see Ms. Malloy’s dead body. I wanted to wear black, so I heard that’s what people do in morning. However, my mother said that it didn’t matter what I wore because I was a child. Since the protocol for morning is different for children, instead of wearing all black to the funeral, I wore a green and white floral print jumper. I was a little upset that I could not wear black to the funeral like the adults; I really wanted to show that I was morning.

 As soon as the man began to sing, “It’s so hard to say goodbye” I began to cry. I suddenly began to develop an intense dislike for the singer, I wondered, why would he sing such a sad song at such a joyous occasion?   Them matrix folk are always singing those happy songs about being ready to meet their maker, now that she’s about to meet her maker, they up in here crying and sobbing looking all sad.  Look at Aunt Mona, the main one acting a fool.  Every Sunday while she cleaned, Aunt Mona would blast the gospel songs on WBLS to cleanse her of Saturday nights escapades at the Local Jop Bar on 21st street.  In between strokes of her mop and a puff on her cigarette she would complain to me and my cousin Jasmine about how we needed to have our asses in church to get saved by the lord.  I guess this funeral made up for all the Sundays that she complained about not being in church.  I couldn’t tell if Aunt Mona was sad or angry.  I wasn’t sad, I just remember seeing other people around me cry, so I followed their lead. I stopped crying and then I started crying again. I remember Ms. Tussy comforting me, I guess I really liked that, but, I wasn’t sad.

My Ma made me kiss Ms. Malloy’s dead cheek. I wanted to see if it felt like clay or taste like Hershey Kisses. I swirled my tongue around my lips several times, held my breath and planted my curious lips on Ms. Malloy's dead cheek. Once I came out of the casket, I licked my lips once again to see if I could taste any Hershey Kiss residue, but, nope, she smelled and tasted like nothing - just processed death. Maybe she wasn’t dead, just, passed out from all of that formaldehyde, like the night Big Ma came from the Cozy Corner and fell asleep on the stairs with one hand clutching the shaky railing and the other hand tightly wrapped around her plastic red cup.

Once the funeral ended everyone made a fuss about how they didn’t see Rashiid, Ms. Malloy’s son. As we proceeded out of the church, I spotted Rashiid standing all alone clutching the rusted railing of the church steps. At the sight of Rashiid, some of the matrix folks replied, “Oh, I see he’s taking it pretty well” “yeah, yeah, he did good” others would respond.  As if he was a child that surprisingly sat still and quiet during a boring church reception. If he cried, would they have said that he did bad like a child that screamed and hollered during a boring church service because the preacher was shouting to the sky trying to get God to hear him? Them matrix folk know they wanted to see Rashiid act a fool. They wanted to hear him let out a chilling wail that sent orgasmic vibrations through one’s body; they wanted to hear him scream "No, not my Momma! Why my mommmy? Please Don't Go!" as the pall bearers closed the casket. But, my man Rashiid, he didn’t give them the satisfaction, he knew that his mother only showed up because the Pepsi and the Vodka no longer numbed her pain of having a chicken breast and a banana for a titty, she needed a higher dosage of formaldehyde to transcend the matrix. She’d be back in green dreams and at the tail end of incense and Dutch Swiss sticks. Yeah, my man, Rashiid, he knew like I knew...

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: Mr. Transcend -- Don't Wear Glasses

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Don't Wear Glasses
Windows to the soul, people say that's what they are. Eye contact communicates some
powerful emotions.

Stare into someone's eyes and see what's going to happen. You are either going to make
them VERY uncomfortable, piss them off... or turn the heat up!

But, you know, that's a discussion for later. What I want to talk about is CORRECTING your
vision. You have plenty of time to stare into your mate's eyes after you finish reading this.
First off, I want to talk about eye glasses and contact lenses. Eye glasses first.
Eye glasses work by forming the lens in a way so that they make up for the damaged lens of
your own natural eyes.

Contacts work in a similar manner, except for the cosmetic lenses people put in to change
their eye colors. (It gets me every time, BTW, mainly because I'm usually not thinking about

I come to you with this message.
I disapprove of any kind of corrective lens, contact or no as well as any cosmetics. ANY
unnatural cosmetics, for that matter.

I didn't publicly, until I found an alternative solution, that is.
You see, I myself, have a pair of eyeglasses. In my younger days, I read an article that said
that eyeglasses actually degenerates the eyes!
From that point on, I only wore them when I needed to see something far away in school.
Nowadays, I just wear them when I drive. (Not even.)

I have recently come across the information that says not only the same thing as the one I
found back in the day, but it said HOW it degenerates the eyes!

The idea is that the eye shifts is focus often when it can't see something. The ciliary muscle is
the muscle surrounding the iris that focuses and unfocuses the eyes.
When wearing eyeglasses, the corrective lenses focuses everything for you, so your eye
muscles are just sitting there like, “Duuuurrrrrrrhhhh?”
Given enough time, they will degenerate themselves from lack of use, thus, you go and get a
stronger prescription for your continuously deteriorating eyesight.
I've known people that have worn eyeglasses for my whole life.... and still do!

So yeah. Eyeglasses don't help you. THEY HURT YOU!

The same applies to contact lenses... except that if you don't take care of them, they can
transfer bacteria directly to the surface of the eye. Isn't that wonderful?
So, by now, you are probably wondering what this alternative solution is. And if your not,
well... was it something I said?

Well, here's the alternative.

Yes, herbs.
NO! I'm NOT talking about mary jane! Get your mind out the gutter! Every time I say herbs I
hear something along those lines!

You wouldn't really consider blueberries as a herb, but, call it what you want.
Calendula Flower is another one, with the eye essential nutrient, lutein.

There are several others as well.
And of course, there are herbal compounds that can be consumed. Much more convent than
gorging yourself on blueberries.
Pinhole eyeglasses work by the opposite of corrective lenses. Instead of doing the work for
your eyes, they MAKE YOUR EYES WORK!

Your ciliary muscle has to keep shifting the focus because of all the holes obscuring your
vision. As it works harder, more blood flows too it. More blood flow = increase nutrients and
oxygen = HEALING!
All the cells on your body are capable of healing and repair. Yes, even the ones the doctor
said cannot heal (i.e. brain cells).

So, here are some places to buy some pinholes.

And instead of commercial eye drops (who knows what those are made of), try some MSM
eye drops. They soften up membranes of the eye, allowing fluid, nutrients and oxygen to flow

MSM is some amazing stuff. It can detox your body all on it's own if you take it long enough.
It's important for healthy joints, and for beauty applications as well.
It's like an all around nutrient! You can't go wrong!
I've said all that needs to be said about eyeglasses.

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