Monday, January 4, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

Photo Credit: L.Marie
 Beep. Beep. Ring. Ring. Can you take me to the mall? Why does everybody always want to talk to me while I am sleeping? No one ever wants to talk to me while I am awake. Never. But, once I turn the lights down, close my eyes. Beep. Beep. Ring. Ring. Can you take me to the mall? Sigh, I just want to s l e e p. That is normal, for me a mammal, a human to want to sleep? Correct!

    Sleep is an essential to our survival and wellbeing. During sleep the human body rests, while our minds remain active.  While we sleep we pass through 5 stages of sleep. The first 4 stages are called Non Rapid Eye Moment (Non-REM) and the 5thstage is the commonly known REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The first 2 stages are a light sleep, the feeling of falling or sudden jerking movement occurs often during these stages. Stages 3 and 4 are considered our deepest stages of sleep; during this time it is very difficult to wake the sleeper.  During REM our muscles become temporarily paralyzed. This temporary paralysis prevents acting out vivid dreams.  It is during REM that most dreams take place. Each cycle lasts approximately 90-110 minutes, which means we go though the 5 stages of sleep 4 to 5 times during an 8hr sleeping period.

    Our natural circadian rhythm runs on a 25 hour cycle. It is during this cycle that drowsiness sets in approximately every 12 hours. The reasons behind why we sleep are divided into two common theories. The restorative theory is based on the principle that we sleep to restore and revive our mind and body. This theory suggests that the body rests, while tissue and nerves are renewed. During this time, the brain shifts through information that has been collected. The adaptive theory is based on a survival principle. Through evolution it has become natural that animals find food during the day/night, because of optimal sight ability. During the night/day the animals rest or hide because of limited sight ability.... Want to read more? Read the rest of the article. 

Dream Sweet ~ L.

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