Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: PlantFolk -- Heart

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Many of us spend our time chasing after love in hopes of happiness. It’s true.  We seek approval and adapt parts of ourselves to hopefully receive this caring and adoration from someone. Although the need to be loved by another is understandable, I don’t believe we need to alter ourselves in any manner to obtain what is already present within.
If what you want is to be loved by others, then you must truly care for yourself first. Besides, solely relying on love and acceptance from others is dangerous. Yes, in general, emotional dependency is draining in the pursuit of authentic happiness. So, don’t do this to yourself.
It is my belief that in order to maintain a healthy relationship with another, you must first enjoy a relationship with yourself. Honestly, if you are dependent on an outside source to provide you with what you already naturally possess, then you will never be content or happy for that matter. Once you take the time to appreciate yourself then a love that complements your own will make itself known.
Think of it this way, would you attempt to initiate a relationship with someone who obviously doesn’t love her or himself? Well, would you? We are usually attracted to those who exhibit characteristics that are desirable  to us. Therefore, why do we believe that we will attract what we don’t appreciate within ourselves?
My suggestion in this regard, is to simply have an affair with that person who you know so well — yourself. There are several ways to incorporate loving ways into your daily activities. An example of one would be to establish ways that honor your needs instead of ignoring them. Self-neglect is never beneficial, so avoid it. In general, having an affair with yourself is simply being thankful for and valuing who you are as an individual. Now, how wonderful is that?

By: PlantFolk

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janine said...

what a great article! ;)

self love can also be expressed as remembering your brilliance and magnificence. and it can be living your truth and being aligned with your inner core. was just reminded of this earlier today...

Changing Woman said...

It is a great article! Thanks for sharing those additional thoughts Janine! I sometimes forget to remember my brilliance and magnificence and you are correct in stating that being balanced is key :) I love it!

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