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Mix It Up Mondays: L.Marie-Loosen Up and Laugh Conscious People

Loosen Up and Laugh Conscious People

I don’t have a middle name, but if I did it would be a cross between determined and observant. I notice Everything. Sometimes I choose to point out my observations, other times I choose to store my thoughts in my vault for future reference. My connection to Mother Earth is solid; my respect for nature is epic. The indigenous of the land are probably connected to me via my past life. When my equilibrium is disrupted I notice. I hear things before the vibrations hit your ears; my eyes catch the slightest movement of the ant crawling across the floor, whose life ends as soon as your foot touches the ground.  My mind can’t keep up sometimes with the race between knowledge and ideas, but in the end retains all.  In all fairness, I am conscious, well according to definitions. To be conscious is to be aware of surroundings, existence, thoughts, and sensations. Something so textbook and clear cut, is misused, construed, and treated like a privilege.

I like to laugh! To chuckle, smile, giggle, or smirk brings a sense of joy to my spirit. When I laugh and I mean really laugh it is Obnoxious, with a capital O. It comes straight from my belly, probably originating from my Solar Plex Chakra. My abdominal area which my laughter originates from, governs personal power, will power, and growth. I like how David Pond puts it: To be self-assertive and to have a sense of your power, to recognize yourself as an individual separate from the world, and yet be able to make an impact on the world, these are the drives of the Third Chakra (Chakras for Beginners, 45).  I have had the opportunity to travel to different places in the world, talk to individuals of all ethnicities, economic status, and educational backgrounds; I have observed people and their ways.

My most recent observation is of those who label themselves as conscious. A word almost as overused as lol.  Those who label themselves as conscious, parade around like they have accomplished something. They can recite all the entities of ancient Egypt, they own every scent possible made in incense history, and they can call the average person brother, sister, god, goddess, queen, king in multiple ways.  So what makes you conscious?  I know you are aware of the inequalities that plague our nations. You are aware of your ancient origins, because that is something I hear about every day. I hear how all ancestors were melanated, they ruled the world, and they were the origins of every invention.  This is all nice, but I really don’t care, sounds harsh, but I am sick of hearing it. I learn about it, I read about it, I digest it, and I move on. The consistent talk of Ancient Khemet and such, Reminds me of has been athletes. “Man in high school I used to score 30 points a night, in college I used to break ankles” So what are you doing now? How come you are only quoting your stats from the past? I heard it once, but every time we sit on the porch I need to hear the accomplishments of 15 years ago?   A long stretch, but that’s how individuals who consistently speak of the past sound to me; like a has been athlete or a broken record. Just because this knowledge is yours does not put you in a bracket of conscious.  Labels are for those seeking a place in the world, why not just be you and do you?

I like to dance around my house pretending I am a rockstar performing in front of millions to Brittney Spears Circus or Black Eyed Peas I got a Feeling. I like to think of myself as a crump or break dancer killing people to the beats of hip-hop artists. I am also a serious rager when it comes to techno music. I am a dancehall queen and can dance a mean merengue and like to cool down to bachata.  When I hear Elvis Crespo, I am a 5 time world champion Latin dancer. Kompa is my first love. I also am the lead guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Did I mention I am the back ground singer for Angie Stone, Sade, and Maxwell.  I watch movies almost as vigorously as I read books. Yep I said I  also watch movies, not just documentaries. I watch Lost, Heroes, Top Chef, Project Runway, 30 Rock and Law and Order: SVU. I like to make jokes and play jokes on my close friends. I rather hang out at the kiddie table at a wedding than mingle with the adults. I have more fun with under 15 than my over 18. I watch sports and play sports and have no problem saying I contributed to the enslavement of athletes and had season tickets to the Hawks 2 years ago.  I play mah jong, spider solitaire, freecell, and cubis and love a mean cryptogram or crossword puzzle.  I am quiet yet outgoing. I attract people toward me like a light does to insects at night, yet, when I am amongst those who state they are conscious I feel constrained. It is almost like it is not ok to laugh, to have fun. It is not ok to have all the quirks that I possess. Loosen up people.  Don’t fight the cheese, its ok to smile. It must hurt to hold in all that laughter. When I hold in laughter, it hurts, my cheeks quiver, my breath gets short, I eventually explode and laugh louder than I wanted to in the first place. So do yourself a favor and let loose.

Let loose, you are aware, you can recite information about the powers to be, you eat healthy, no need to be ashamed to tap your foot when you hear a beat from an artist you are supposed to hate. You can be aware and knowledgeable and still enjoy things in life. There are times while I observe these conscious individuals and I wonder, maybe I am doing something wrong. Perhaps, my observations are wrong and  I should only read nonfiction books and listen to neo soul and such. Maybe I should be wearing African cloth, wrapping my hair up, wear vintage clothing, and begin and end every conversation with peace. Maybe I am being a hypocrite?  Can I truly be aware of the issues in sports and still watch a game or purchase tickets? I know music is an issue, so should I be pretending to be a rockstar in my house? Then again, is it ok, to do something that is not natural to my true self? Is it ok to say things that roll off my tongue and sound so wrong?  Is it ok to be something that is a disservice to my true self?  Yet when I think of the definition of conscious, I know that I am closer to that definition than most of those who claim the label. I also then think to myself, I don't care about labels and that it is ok to be looked at as an outsider when in the conscious circles. I am thinking of David Ponds quote and it does not just apply to Chakras, but can apply to life in general: self-assertive and to have a sense of your power, to recognize yourself as an individual separate from the world, and yet be able to make an impact on the world, these are the drives of the Third Chakra (Chakras for Beginners, 45).

These are the random thoughts that swirl around my head as I lay in bed at 5 in the morning. Thoughts that may make sense to some and make others roll their eyes. I just know one thing: Stop being so serious and loosen up and laugh! Your 3rd Chakra will thank you later. You can be aware and moving in the right direction and still enjoy the random pleasures that life throws around.

That's it for now. Tata, bye, or should I say peace

By; L.Marie

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