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Mix It Up Mondays: Kamadeva-- Basic Guide to Astral Travel

This Piece was written by an Anonymous writer who goes by the name of Kamadeva. 

Basic Guide to Astral Travel Part 1

Astral travelling as everyone knows, is the new phenomena to hit your nearest Borders and metaphysical crowds. A brief search on google will show what it entails, but it is basically the ability to transfer you're consciousness into the astral body (human's have many more levels of existence other then physical) and to explore the astral realms that lie within the very reach of human existence, and other realms, that lie in much higher vibrating realms. The thing that troubled me in the study was the lack of technique and methodology to get there, or to get one started. Most books give you theories, experiences, and other non-pragmatic approaches, leaving the reader full of philosophy, but no dirt on the hands. But through a little practice, effort, and repitition, anyone can learn to "astral travel", and/or to explore these world for themselves. At this point in time there are many gurus, priests(esses), master teachers, and self appointed give me your money type individuals, who wish to control the sciences, that belong to everyone in the first place. Disciplines like astral travel, mental wondering, evocation, etc allows the individual to seek and find for his/herself.  The best knowledge is always experience, no one can get you there but yourself.

But to get to the point, there are certain fundamental techniques, starting out, that worked for me, to help me advance, and eventually be able to explore these realms consciously. When I say consciously, I mean fully aware, and the ability to bring information/experience back. One thing that is important to realize is that everyone astral travels AT LEAST once every night, and AT LEAST 90 minutes. Everyone also has lucid type dreams, physically noticable through REM sleep, the key though, is to be aware. There is a difference between astral travel, and normal dreaming. The astral realms is a clearly defined objective realm, with different beings, realms etc, whereas normal dreams are usually much more introverted, usually the individual goes here to get meaningful messages from their own mind. For those who are scientific minds, the dream state is usually labeled as simply D-State (subject unconsciouly twitches and has high brain-wave activity, and the eyes move rapidly under their closed lids as if watching something. There is also something labeled the A-state, observed from subjects, in which is totally different from the D-state. This state of course deals with astral travel and some other phenomena. This A-state is where we are looking to become aware and take control of. There is much more that could be said, but this is really about methodology, not philosophy. One can develop their own philosophy of the astral experience.... once they experience it.

Here are a few things that are very helpful in becoming aware and taking control of your astral experience

Before going to bed make sure that

1) You haven't eaten a heavy meal, for obvious reasons
2) Relaxed (find some relaxation techniques somewhere, a brief one is to fully tense your body a few times coupled with a few deep breaths, and the affirmation "I am relaxed)
3) Leave worries behind. This causes long dreams and visions whereas your subconscious through symbology gives you methods/information on how to solve these issues, but we are trying to head to the astral realm, not the Dr. Phil of your mind.
4) Lay on your back. This position is ideal for me, its easy to stay aware and not drift into unconscious sleep, trance, or out of body travelling. The position I use is the yogic death pose (also used by Edgar Cayce for DEEP meditation), a very comfortable and ideal position, that satisfies the subconscious (which won't intrepret this as trying to deep unconscious sleep)
5) Set your alarm (a soothing one if possible) to three hours ahead. This causes you to awake just around the ending of the A-state of the night. Research shows, waking straight up out of this phase will cause near 90% of subjects to remember there astral experiences.

Now these next steps will NOT have you become a master of astral travel, but moreso REMEMBER the astral experiences you had the previous night. The techniques for the latter will come later on, its always good to go in levels with this. One thing that makes or breaks someone learning any ability, is the lack of patience, and ridiculous expectations.

The first step of this is easy and simple, its not hard, doesn't have you visualize or put yourself into trance.

- Before going to sleep make sure all forementioned ideals are done. Now its simple, lay on your back, perform your relaxation ritual, and let your body go through its natural sleep stages. There is no big effort or friction, actually this should be pretty natural. Everything spiritual should be a breeze, especially if you are living your life the way you should in your own mind. Upon waking from the alarm, write down anything you have experienced, some people experience the astral with only there one sense, such as smell, but hopefully we should be experiencing these realms with sight, or whatever is most comfortable. After this, set your alarm again for another three hours and repeat (this being the last time of the night that you do this).

These are the first simple steps, a week of doing this, I assure you, will cause the remberance of the astral experience. The next aspect will be taking control of these experiences. I will also discuss devices, crystals, herbs, and other TOOLS to help in the individuals astral journey.

Tools for astral projection

These are all tools, but in my opinion, many are uneccesary, but do produce results, which is what this is all about. One of the best tools is pure intention, passion, and an open mind. If one keeps at it, they will eventually get there, its all about the drive!

* Healthy diet is overall a great method. For one, the body will not be trying to digest a quarter pounder with fries, while also trying to regenerate from all the damage done to the body by the average U.S. citizen. An alkalizing diet also created a strong electric field within the body (and especially within the pineal gland), tuning it into higher realms more easily. I have did my own studies and have found that an alkalizing diet helps regenerate atrophied spiritual glands, and feeds the aura, chakras, and spiritual bodies of man.

*Crystals are spiritual tools that amplify the energy of the individual. The pineal gland, which is considered the spirit gland, has within it very fine crystals that resonate with VERY high frequencies, its job is to slow these frequencies down, thus allowing the rest of the brain to "understand". It will be helpful to keep crystal around your beed, inside your pillow case, or somewhere near the place you sleep. The best crystal that works for me is plain ole' clear quartz crystals. Very amplifying and powerful crystals that hold ancient information, beings, but in general very ancient orgone energy that has been crystallized. Amethyst is also another favorite of mine, because of its purple energy, it tunes into the crown chakra, and violent is a very purifying color for the aura, attracting higher vibrating circumstances in the astral realm. Some other crystals for you to use and research include: Common Opal, Sodalite, and Sodalite.

Here is a great site with authentic crystals:

These are just my personal favorites, many do different jobs, most of them help in some way to increase the vibration in the room. Another thing I highly recommend is a orgone pyramid. It would be best to make one yourself, but there are places that sell them on the internet. Place these throughout the room

*Herbs- I am sure I won't have to cover herbs to use, because so many people are familiar and are already using herbal teas, etc, for spiritual purposes. I use one mixture of herbs for relaxation that includes: Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Hibiscus flowers, Hops flowers, Valerian root, Passionflower herb, and Lavender flowers. For actually dreaming I use a mixture of Peppermint, Mugwort, Damiana leaf, Chamomile flower, Gotu Kola leaf, Rosemary, and Rose petals. These mixtures can be obtained from:

Herbs are good tools, but personally I don't use them for this particular purpose due to efficient relaxation techniques and an alkaline diet.

* Dreamcatchers- Something most people forget about. Make one, buy one, hang it over your bed, and this will change the quality of you astral experience. They not only pierce the physical realm, but the spiritual, rejecting different kinds of entities into your aura, etc.

*Magnets- Self explanatory, place it on third eye for 20 minutes before bed, works great for me

*Water under bed- Another simple method that comes from African traditions. Water hold memories and intentions. Place a glass bowl of water under the bed (a quartz crystal with magnets, and sea salt wouldn't hurt either). Before going to bed speak your intent into the water 10-20 times. Helps not only to remember astral experiences, but to program where you want to go, what you want to do, etc.

*Create an entity- This method works for those who can do basic visualization and artists. The point is to create your own entity who will serve you in helping to consciously make it to the astral realm. Briefly, create a picture of this entity, get it on paper, and put it above your bed (on the wall). Create an intention for it (techniques for this can be found on the internet, and in many books on Amazon, in particular, "Creating Magickal Entities: A Complete Guide to Entity Creation" by David Michael Cunningham). This method is a little bit more advanced and takes a creative mind, but everyone has a creative mind. Many people who go shamanstic events and take psychedelics are stunned to see that many of the beings encountered on their "trips" were created by their own mind sometime in their life.

By: Kamadeva

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very thorough! good share.

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Excellent piece! is there a way to contact the writer.

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Very thorough indeed Plantfolk

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Thank you Anonymous for your response. The author wishes to remain anonymous, but I can let Kamadeva know that there was been a great response to the piece. Please email me if you would like to say more:

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