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Mix It Up Mondays: Heavenzsun--Multi Dimensional Beings

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Multi Dimensional Beings (applying magickal concepts to our mundane realities)

You may have heard tossed around quite casually in metaphysical circles that We are multidimensional beings... but what does that mean? And how in the hell can we apply this to or daily mundane reality? A Syfy-like picture of some highly evolved alien demolecularizing from one form of reality to the next comes to mind. While this would be exciting, lets keep it real folks... maybe later on down the evolutionary veins of humanity this will be possible and plausible, but we are just not there... yet. For now lets look at this from where we stand, here on the Earth Plane in our multidimensional bodies and  in our present awareness!!!

Some dimensions we occupy and are generally conscious and aware of include but are not limited to...

Physical (both internal and external. immediate and surrounding)
This will include the things which are composed of matter.
Our physical bodies, our organs, our computers, the buildings in cities, our homes, the phones, the food we eat etc. etc. etc.
Mental (both internal and external. expressed and unexpressed)
This will include our thought patterns; the words and ideas that move through our minds and the stories that come out of our communication of them.
Emotional (both internal and external, expressed and unexpressed)
This will include our feelings. The joy, the pain, the sadness, the love, the jubilation, the humor etc etc etc
Now unfortunately some will have a problem here because some cannot sense energies. but this includes the sensations and vibes you receive and send out to and from your environment.
This will include the mysterious and hidden forces of our realities which permeates all dimensions. Here lies the things that intrigue us the most and inspire deep changes in all of our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic...). It loosely encompasses every dimension we can exist in and will strongly influence these dimensions in some way to great extent. This is the dimension where magickal things happen like when the girl of your dreams you feel you don't have a chance with actually likes you back, or when your bank account is empty and all you have to your name is a shoestring and a straw and you make an empire out of it...

There are an infinite number of dimensions we could deal with, but for the sake of time and space as well as clarity, we will deal with these simple and mundane level dimensions.
There are points in space and in time where these dimensions overlap. Let us look at our home environment for example.

Think of all the dimensions we discussed and how they manifest in the home.

What are some of the physical things in your home?
Do you have a Television? is there an oven? a bed. A bathroom? How does this bed feel to your body? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable? Are things operating and functioning properly or are they broke and in need of repair? What kind of food is in your home? Does the food you eat tear up your digestive system and make you feel bloated, constipated and cramped? Perhaps you have healthy food that leaves your body in a vibrant, energetic state.

What are some of the thoughts you keep and that come into your mind as you enter the home environment? Do you think about your family? Perhaps a warm plate of food in the oven? Maybe you think about your bed or shower-room. Are you dragging in all the BS from the conversations you had with with your boss about your work ethic to day at work? What are some of the reoccurring thoughts that repeatedly come into your mind in your home environment? Keep this in mind as we move on.

Lets move on to emotions. Emotionally, how do you feel? Is there happiness inside of your home? Is there anger and resentment? perhaps there is a feeling of insecurity or lack. You might feel high or depressed.

Energetically what is your home environment like? Is the atmosphere tense? When you walk into the home is there an aura of fear or hatred. Maybe you walk into a loving home where there are sensations of love security and safety. Perhaps there is an aura of warmth or an aura of ease and welcome. Is the energy unadulterated, flowing and cycling or blocked and building up to stagnant funkafied malodorous stench.

What is your home's spiritual environment like? Are there positive higher entities inside your house or maybe some lower level base  demons. what are some ceremonies you participate in to commune with these forces? Have you established a relationship between you and the higher and lower level forces of the universe? When was the last time you met God face to face?

Now lets look at the overlaps.

Look at your immediate home environment on the physical level. What is it about the television in your room that triggers feelings of happiness or excitement in you. Does the TV have a hand that reaches inside of your heart to pull the happiness switch? When do you experience this feeling absent the presence of the television? What is it about the food in the oven that inspires feelings of comfort or impatience? In listening to the sounds you hear around you; are they of a relaxing nature or do they influence you to feel anxious and on edge? Is your bed a source of comfort on an emotional level? what are some of the thoughts that go through your mind as you enter your room? Do you leave your stressful day of work at the door or do you carry them to bed. Do you take with you the thoughts of your plans for tomorrow? Perhaps the bed stimulates your mind to recall some of your adventures in your love life.

In being completely aware of these aspects of our reality lets shift perspectives to your work environment.
Ask similar questions and compare your work environment to your home environment.
what are some of the similarities? what are some of the differences?
Would you do the things you do in your home at work?

Try going to work with something physical from home that is associated with a particular feeling such as a picture or a book. When you are feeling a certain way that maybe you don't want to feel replace the feeling with the one that the book inspires in you by interacting with the object from home in some way. Now you are consciously in control of your emotions.

Continue to practice this ritual and see how quickly you are able to shift from one state of mind to the other just by object/feeling association alone.

Gyasi Heavenzsun Ogunfiditimi

To be cont'

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