Wednesday, January 6, 2010


See what I had to say about this dream that 'Maya' submitted: I keep having the same dream over and over again. The dream is when im a couple of months pregnant and im at home i go in to labor,my husband pulls out a white towel while im standing up and pushing, and when the baby is born its born dead, in every dream the baby is dead, can anyone tell me what it means and what books i can get on reading dreams.......... thank you

L.Marie's Analysis 
Are there any topics or big issues that you and you husband have been discussing/arguing/wondering about over the past few months?

The baby represents this topic. You have been the dominate one pushing this subject matter (bc you are standing up while delivering the baby), your husband pulls out the white towel, could this mean that hes surrendering to your idea... or is he cleaning up the 'mess' that this issue could become. Whether your husband is surrendering to your idea or hes cleaning up the mess, the idea is not a good one. possibly because birth is supposed to be about life and the baby(idea) is born dead. 

This dream was originally posted on the Dherbs Community Board by 'Maya J'. 

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