Monday, January 25, 2010

Ask L.Marie: Why do you have Mix it Up Mondays?

Hi L.Marie, 
I noticed that you have a new segment called Mix it Up Mondays. Why do you have this segment on your blog? ~Anonymous

Thank you Anonymous for taking the time out to ask your question. Originally, I wanted  guest writers on my blog, to write about various new age topics. I approached a potential writer about submitting an article on the blog. This potential writer asked if the topics were limited to new age and he suggested I accept articles that can assist those in expanding their knowledge. I was in agreement with this suggestion and came up with the idea of Mix It Up Mondays.  The idea behind Mix It Up Mondays is  that the weekend was fun and relaxing and heading to work on Monday's is dreaded. Readers can join Closed Lids and Guest Writers* for Mix It Up Mondays. Now, readers can start off the week with thought provoking articles on an array of topics that will further the mind.

*Want to be a guest writer? Well, Speak Your Mind! Submit a request. 

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