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Dream Journaling 101

Dreamers often ask me for tips on how to recall their dreams. More or else, I give the same responses. My top response is to get a dream journal and to record dreams as often as possible. I have come to realize that the issue may be that, individuals do not know where to start.

Dream Journaling 101


  • 1.       Obtain a notebook/ journal of your choice. One of pleasant appearance or decorate a notebook to your pleasing.

  • 2.       On a nightstand next to your bed  place pen, paper, tape recorder(optional), book light(optional)
  • 3.       Inside the journal  notate the date

  • 4.       Prior to bed write 1-3 sentences describing your day and mood.

  • 5.       While lying in bed before sleep, meditate, pray, repeat mantra or affirmation (whatever you desire) Ask your higher self for assistance in your dream recall.

  • 6.       When awake lie still and recall your dream from the last thought back to the first. If you awake in the middle of the night, still record the dream, do not try to commit it to memory for the morning.

  • 7.       Write your dream as you remember it all feelings, persons, settings, anything that comes to mind. Don't try to make sense of your dream, just write what you remember in details.

  • 8.       If you do not recall your dream , write 1 sentence of whatever was in your mind as you awoke

  • 9.       For every dream give a title and record date and time

  • 10.   Repeat this step every time you have a dream. Over time you will begin to notice themes

Example Notebook Page (optional, design to your likes)
                                                                                                                                January 28, 2010

Day Notes:

Today, I worked on my website and researched for my new article. I made fresh juice and pledged to get back into my exercise regimen. It was a pretty relaxing day and ended with me watching Project Runway and NBA on TNT. Before bed I thought about ‘James’ I wondered if he was okay and when I would hear from him again.

Mom Buys Groceries (dream title)

My family and friends were in my house getting ready to go out. My mom and aunt piled into the car and left me in the house to myself. I felt free from all the people that were in the house. As I walked back into my house after saying goodbye to everyone I noticed my little cousin ‘Trina’ on the computer. I asked her ‘what are you doing here?’ And she replied ‘I wanted to play on the computer’ My mother came back into the house and in her hand she had grocery bags filled with almond milk, rice dream, and fruits/vegetables. The scenes switched to ‘James’ falling and saying I love you L.

I need to continue on my journey of eating healthy. I may become distracted by things, like my computer. I should ignore these distractions and eat healthy in order for me to stay focused. ‘James’ has been on my mind lately, because he confided in me that he has been feeling a little troubled. I have not heard from him in a couple of weeks. My worries are transpiring in my dreams and I feel that he may be in trouble and he wants to let me know he loves me.

Reviewing the Journal

When reviewing your journal it is best to ask yourself a few questions:
1.       Look for connections between life experiences and your dream
2.       What is the message in your dream
3.       How can this message apply to your life
4.       What will you do to apply the message to your life
5.       What are some themes
6.       What memories or feelings come to mind when recalling the dream
7.       Who in the dream do you recognize, and how do you relate to them in waking life.

Life Experiences Journal/Pages

I am reading a book called Dreams: Exploring the Secrets of your Soul by Marilyn Barrick Ph.D. She made an interesting suggestion that I felt can add to the understanding of dreams. She suggests that a separate journal be made notating major experiences, activities, happenings, etc from birth to present.

Record the major happening of your life from birth up to the present time. Include such things as physical events, emotional happenings, intellectual achievements, family, school and work experiences, special activities, dreams, unusual or notable events, spiritual highlights, soul lessons or anything else you consider to be important.  You might even want to make this a separate journal, you life journal. You can continue to record meaningful events and experiences as the months and years roll by and correlate them with the entire in your dream journal.  Chart the events chronologically from birth. List each year on a separate page or pages… leave several blank pages after each year . You will find those pages useful for recording memories as they come to mind or for adding events that friends or family may remember… Write a brief summary of the trends you see running through your experiences. Place this summary in your dream journal as a point of reference to help you connect your dreams to your waking life. (Barrick, 96-97)

Dreams guide and help us after we set our goals and ideals for our lives – Edgar Cayce
Dreams have messages that can assist in all aspects of our lives. Take the time out to record and understand dreams and learn from the messages of the subconscious.  I hope this basic guide will assist you in your journey through the dream world.


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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ask L.Marie: Why do you have Mix it Up Mondays?

Hi L.Marie, 
I noticed that you have a new segment called Mix it Up Mondays. Why do you have this segment on your blog? ~Anonymous

Thank you Anonymous for taking the time out to ask your question. Originally, I wanted  guest writers on my blog, to write about various new age topics. I approached a potential writer about submitting an article on the blog. This potential writer asked if the topics were limited to new age and he suggested I accept articles that can assist those in expanding their knowledge. I was in agreement with this suggestion and came up with the idea of Mix It Up Mondays.  The idea behind Mix It Up Mondays is  that the weekend was fun and relaxing and heading to work on Monday's is dreaded. Readers can join Closed Lids and Guest Writers* for Mix It Up Mondays. Now, readers can start off the week with thought provoking articles on an array of topics that will further the mind.

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Mix It Up Mondays: L.Marie-Loosen Up and Laugh Conscious People

Loosen Up and Laugh Conscious People

I don’t have a middle name, but if I did it would be a cross between determined and observant. I notice Everything. Sometimes I choose to point out my observations, other times I choose to store my thoughts in my vault for future reference. My connection to Mother Earth is solid; my respect for nature is epic. The indigenous of the land are probably connected to me via my past life. When my equilibrium is disrupted I notice. I hear things before the vibrations hit your ears; my eyes catch the slightest movement of the ant crawling across the floor, whose life ends as soon as your foot touches the ground.  My mind can’t keep up sometimes with the race between knowledge and ideas, but in the end retains all.  In all fairness, I am conscious, well according to definitions. To be conscious is to be aware of surroundings, existence, thoughts, and sensations. Something so textbook and clear cut, is misused, construed, and treated like a privilege.

I like to laugh! To chuckle, smile, giggle, or smirk brings a sense of joy to my spirit. When I laugh and I mean really laugh it is Obnoxious, with a capital O. It comes straight from my belly, probably originating from my Solar Plex Chakra. My abdominal area which my laughter originates from, governs personal power, will power, and growth. I like how David Pond puts it: To be self-assertive and to have a sense of your power, to recognize yourself as an individual separate from the world, and yet be able to make an impact on the world, these are the drives of the Third Chakra (Chakras for Beginners, 45).  I have had the opportunity to travel to different places in the world, talk to individuals of all ethnicities, economic status, and educational backgrounds; I have observed people and their ways.

My most recent observation is of those who label themselves as conscious. A word almost as overused as lol.  Those who label themselves as conscious, parade around like they have accomplished something. They can recite all the entities of ancient Egypt, they own every scent possible made in incense history, and they can call the average person brother, sister, god, goddess, queen, king in multiple ways.  So what makes you conscious?  I know you are aware of the inequalities that plague our nations. You are aware of your ancient origins, because that is something I hear about every day. I hear how all ancestors were melanated, they ruled the world, and they were the origins of every invention.  This is all nice, but I really don’t care, sounds harsh, but I am sick of hearing it. I learn about it, I read about it, I digest it, and I move on. The consistent talk of Ancient Khemet and such, Reminds me of has been athletes. “Man in high school I used to score 30 points a night, in college I used to break ankles” So what are you doing now? How come you are only quoting your stats from the past? I heard it once, but every time we sit on the porch I need to hear the accomplishments of 15 years ago?   A long stretch, but that’s how individuals who consistently speak of the past sound to me; like a has been athlete or a broken record. Just because this knowledge is yours does not put you in a bracket of conscious.  Labels are for those seeking a place in the world, why not just be you and do you?

I like to dance around my house pretending I am a rockstar performing in front of millions to Brittney Spears Circus or Black Eyed Peas I got a Feeling. I like to think of myself as a crump or break dancer killing people to the beats of hip-hop artists. I am also a serious rager when it comes to techno music. I am a dancehall queen and can dance a mean merengue and like to cool down to bachata.  When I hear Elvis Crespo, I am a 5 time world champion Latin dancer. Kompa is my first love. I also am the lead guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Did I mention I am the back ground singer for Angie Stone, Sade, and Maxwell.  I watch movies almost as vigorously as I read books. Yep I said I  also watch movies, not just documentaries. I watch Lost, Heroes, Top Chef, Project Runway, 30 Rock and Law and Order: SVU. I like to make jokes and play jokes on my close friends. I rather hang out at the kiddie table at a wedding than mingle with the adults. I have more fun with under 15 than my over 18. I watch sports and play sports and have no problem saying I contributed to the enslavement of athletes and had season tickets to the Hawks 2 years ago.  I play mah jong, spider solitaire, freecell, and cubis and love a mean cryptogram or crossword puzzle.  I am quiet yet outgoing. I attract people toward me like a light does to insects at night, yet, when I am amongst those who state they are conscious I feel constrained. It is almost like it is not ok to laugh, to have fun. It is not ok to have all the quirks that I possess. Loosen up people.  Don’t fight the cheese, its ok to smile. It must hurt to hold in all that laughter. When I hold in laughter, it hurts, my cheeks quiver, my breath gets short, I eventually explode and laugh louder than I wanted to in the first place. So do yourself a favor and let loose.

Let loose, you are aware, you can recite information about the powers to be, you eat healthy, no need to be ashamed to tap your foot when you hear a beat from an artist you are supposed to hate. You can be aware and knowledgeable and still enjoy things in life. There are times while I observe these conscious individuals and I wonder, maybe I am doing something wrong. Perhaps, my observations are wrong and  I should only read nonfiction books and listen to neo soul and such. Maybe I should be wearing African cloth, wrapping my hair up, wear vintage clothing, and begin and end every conversation with peace. Maybe I am being a hypocrite?  Can I truly be aware of the issues in sports and still watch a game or purchase tickets? I know music is an issue, so should I be pretending to be a rockstar in my house? Then again, is it ok, to do something that is not natural to my true self? Is it ok to say things that roll off my tongue and sound so wrong?  Is it ok to be something that is a disservice to my true self?  Yet when I think of the definition of conscious, I know that I am closer to that definition than most of those who claim the label. I also then think to myself, I don't care about labels and that it is ok to be looked at as an outsider when in the conscious circles. I am thinking of David Ponds quote and it does not just apply to Chakras, but can apply to life in general: self-assertive and to have a sense of your power, to recognize yourself as an individual separate from the world, and yet be able to make an impact on the world, these are the drives of the Third Chakra (Chakras for Beginners, 45).

These are the random thoughts that swirl around my head as I lay in bed at 5 in the morning. Thoughts that may make sense to some and make others roll their eyes. I just know one thing: Stop being so serious and loosen up and laugh! Your 3rd Chakra will thank you later. You can be aware and moving in the right direction and still enjoy the random pleasures that life throws around.

That's it for now. Tata, bye, or should I say peace

By; L.Marie

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Mix It Up Mondays: PlantFolk -- Heart

PlantFolk is one of the first to be featured as a guest writer on Mix It Up Mondays. If you would like to read more by PlantFolk, you can contact her via: Email  Twitter or her Website

Many of us spend our time chasing after love in hopes of happiness. It’s true.  We seek approval and adapt parts of ourselves to hopefully receive this caring and adoration from someone. Although the need to be loved by another is understandable, I don’t believe we need to alter ourselves in any manner to obtain what is already present within.
If what you want is to be loved by others, then you must truly care for yourself first. Besides, solely relying on love and acceptance from others is dangerous. Yes, in general, emotional dependency is draining in the pursuit of authentic happiness. So, don’t do this to yourself.
It is my belief that in order to maintain a healthy relationship with another, you must first enjoy a relationship with yourself. Honestly, if you are dependent on an outside source to provide you with what you already naturally possess, then you will never be content or happy for that matter. Once you take the time to appreciate yourself then a love that complements your own will make itself known.
Think of it this way, would you attempt to initiate a relationship with someone who obviously doesn’t love her or himself? Well, would you? We are usually attracted to those who exhibit characteristics that are desirable  to us. Therefore, why do we believe that we will attract what we don’t appreciate within ourselves?
My suggestion in this regard, is to simply have an affair with that person who you know so well — yourself. There are several ways to incorporate loving ways into your daily activities. An example of one would be to establish ways that honor your needs instead of ignoring them. Self-neglect is never beneficial, so avoid it. In general, having an affair with yourself is simply being thankful for and valuing who you are as an individual. Now, how wonderful is that?

By: PlantFolk

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: Kamadeva-- Basic Guide to Astral Travel

This Piece was written by an Anonymous writer who goes by the name of Kamadeva. 

Basic Guide to Astral Travel Part 1

Astral travelling as everyone knows, is the new phenomena to hit your nearest Borders and metaphysical crowds. A brief search on google will show what it entails, but it is basically the ability to transfer you're consciousness into the astral body (human's have many more levels of existence other then physical) and to explore the astral realms that lie within the very reach of human existence, and other realms, that lie in much higher vibrating realms. The thing that troubled me in the study was the lack of technique and methodology to get there, or to get one started. Most books give you theories, experiences, and other non-pragmatic approaches, leaving the reader full of philosophy, but no dirt on the hands. But through a little practice, effort, and repitition, anyone can learn to "astral travel", and/or to explore these world for themselves. At this point in time there are many gurus, priests(esses), master teachers, and self appointed give me your money type individuals, who wish to control the sciences, that belong to everyone in the first place. Disciplines like astral travel, mental wondering, evocation, etc allows the individual to seek and find for his/herself.  The best knowledge is always experience, no one can get you there but yourself.

But to get to the point, there are certain fundamental techniques, starting out, that worked for me, to help me advance, and eventually be able to explore these realms consciously. When I say consciously, I mean fully aware, and the ability to bring information/experience back. One thing that is important to realize is that everyone astral travels AT LEAST once every night, and AT LEAST 90 minutes. Everyone also has lucid type dreams, physically noticable through REM sleep, the key though, is to be aware. There is a difference between astral travel, and normal dreaming. The astral realms is a clearly defined objective realm, with different beings, realms etc, whereas normal dreams are usually much more introverted, usually the individual goes here to get meaningful messages from their own mind. For those who are scientific minds, the dream state is usually labeled as simply D-State (subject unconsciouly twitches and has high brain-wave activity, and the eyes move rapidly under their closed lids as if watching something. There is also something labeled the A-state, observed from subjects, in which is totally different from the D-state. This state of course deals with astral travel and some other phenomena. This A-state is where we are looking to become aware and take control of. There is much more that could be said, but this is really about methodology, not philosophy. One can develop their own philosophy of the astral experience.... once they experience it.

Here are a few things that are very helpful in becoming aware and taking control of your astral experience

Before going to bed make sure that

1) You haven't eaten a heavy meal, for obvious reasons
2) Relaxed (find some relaxation techniques somewhere, a brief one is to fully tense your body a few times coupled with a few deep breaths, and the affirmation "I am relaxed)
3) Leave worries behind. This causes long dreams and visions whereas your subconscious through symbology gives you methods/information on how to solve these issues, but we are trying to head to the astral realm, not the Dr. Phil of your mind.
4) Lay on your back. This position is ideal for me, its easy to stay aware and not drift into unconscious sleep, trance, or out of body travelling. The position I use is the yogic death pose (also used by Edgar Cayce for DEEP meditation), a very comfortable and ideal position, that satisfies the subconscious (which won't intrepret this as trying to deep unconscious sleep)
5) Set your alarm (a soothing one if possible) to three hours ahead. This causes you to awake just around the ending of the A-state of the night. Research shows, waking straight up out of this phase will cause near 90% of subjects to remember there astral experiences.

Now these next steps will NOT have you become a master of astral travel, but moreso REMEMBER the astral experiences you had the previous night. The techniques for the latter will come later on, its always good to go in levels with this. One thing that makes or breaks someone learning any ability, is the lack of patience, and ridiculous expectations.

The first step of this is easy and simple, its not hard, doesn't have you visualize or put yourself into trance.

- Before going to sleep make sure all forementioned ideals are done. Now its simple, lay on your back, perform your relaxation ritual, and let your body go through its natural sleep stages. There is no big effort or friction, actually this should be pretty natural. Everything spiritual should be a breeze, especially if you are living your life the way you should in your own mind. Upon waking from the alarm, write down anything you have experienced, some people experience the astral with only there one sense, such as smell, but hopefully we should be experiencing these realms with sight, or whatever is most comfortable. After this, set your alarm again for another three hours and repeat (this being the last time of the night that you do this).

These are the first simple steps, a week of doing this, I assure you, will cause the remberance of the astral experience. The next aspect will be taking control of these experiences. I will also discuss devices, crystals, herbs, and other TOOLS to help in the individuals astral journey.

Tools for astral projection

These are all tools, but in my opinion, many are uneccesary, but do produce results, which is what this is all about. One of the best tools is pure intention, passion, and an open mind. If one keeps at it, they will eventually get there, its all about the drive!

* Healthy diet is overall a great method. For one, the body will not be trying to digest a quarter pounder with fries, while also trying to regenerate from all the damage done to the body by the average U.S. citizen. An alkalizing diet also created a strong electric field within the body (and especially within the pineal gland), tuning it into higher realms more easily. I have did my own studies and have found that an alkalizing diet helps regenerate atrophied spiritual glands, and feeds the aura, chakras, and spiritual bodies of man.

*Crystals are spiritual tools that amplify the energy of the individual. The pineal gland, which is considered the spirit gland, has within it very fine crystals that resonate with VERY high frequencies, its job is to slow these frequencies down, thus allowing the rest of the brain to "understand". It will be helpful to keep crystal around your beed, inside your pillow case, or somewhere near the place you sleep. The best crystal that works for me is plain ole' clear quartz crystals. Very amplifying and powerful crystals that hold ancient information, beings, but in general very ancient orgone energy that has been crystallized. Amethyst is also another favorite of mine, because of its purple energy, it tunes into the crown chakra, and violent is a very purifying color for the aura, attracting higher vibrating circumstances in the astral realm. Some other crystals for you to use and research include: Common Opal, Sodalite, and Sodalite.

Here is a great site with authentic crystals:

These are just my personal favorites, many do different jobs, most of them help in some way to increase the vibration in the room. Another thing I highly recommend is a orgone pyramid. It would be best to make one yourself, but there are places that sell them on the internet. Place these throughout the room

*Herbs- I am sure I won't have to cover herbs to use, because so many people are familiar and are already using herbal teas, etc, for spiritual purposes. I use one mixture of herbs for relaxation that includes: Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Hibiscus flowers, Hops flowers, Valerian root, Passionflower herb, and Lavender flowers. For actually dreaming I use a mixture of Peppermint, Mugwort, Damiana leaf, Chamomile flower, Gotu Kola leaf, Rosemary, and Rose petals. These mixtures can be obtained from:

Herbs are good tools, but personally I don't use them for this particular purpose due to efficient relaxation techniques and an alkaline diet.

* Dreamcatchers- Something most people forget about. Make one, buy one, hang it over your bed, and this will change the quality of you astral experience. They not only pierce the physical realm, but the spiritual, rejecting different kinds of entities into your aura, etc.

*Magnets- Self explanatory, place it on third eye for 20 minutes before bed, works great for me

*Water under bed- Another simple method that comes from African traditions. Water hold memories and intentions. Place a glass bowl of water under the bed (a quartz crystal with magnets, and sea salt wouldn't hurt either). Before going to bed speak your intent into the water 10-20 times. Helps not only to remember astral experiences, but to program where you want to go, what you want to do, etc.

*Create an entity- This method works for those who can do basic visualization and artists. The point is to create your own entity who will serve you in helping to consciously make it to the astral realm. Briefly, create a picture of this entity, get it on paper, and put it above your bed (on the wall). Create an intention for it (techniques for this can be found on the internet, and in many books on Amazon, in particular, "Creating Magickal Entities: A Complete Guide to Entity Creation" by David Michael Cunningham). This method is a little bit more advanced and takes a creative mind, but everyone has a creative mind. Many people who go shamanstic events and take psychedelics are stunned to see that many of the beings encountered on their "trips" were created by their own mind sometime in their life.

By: Kamadeva

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See what I had to say about this dream that 'Maya' submitted: I keep having the same dream over and over again. The dream is when im a couple of months pregnant and im at home i go in to labor,my husband pulls out a white towel while im standing up and pushing, and when the baby is born its born dead, in every dream the baby is dead, can anyone tell me what it means and what books i can get on reading dreams.......... thank you

L.Marie's Analysis 
Are there any topics or big issues that you and you husband have been discussing/arguing/wondering about over the past few months?

The baby represents this topic. You have been the dominate one pushing this subject matter (bc you are standing up while delivering the baby), your husband pulls out the white towel, could this mean that hes surrendering to your idea... or is he cleaning up the 'mess' that this issue could become. Whether your husband is surrendering to your idea or hes cleaning up the mess, the idea is not a good one. possibly because birth is supposed to be about life and the baby(idea) is born dead. 

This dream was originally posted on the Dherbs Community Board by 'Maya J'. 

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Ask L.Marie: Why Do We Sleep?

Dear L.Marie: Why do we sleep?  -D, NY ~
Thank you D, for submitting a question: The act of sleeping is a state in which temporarily activity ceases to occur in the human body. Our natural circadian rhythm runs on a 25 hour cycle. It is during this cycle that drowsiness sets in approximately every 12 hours. The reasons behind why we sleep are divided into two common theories. The restorative theory is based on the principle that we sleep to restore and revive our mind and body. This theory suggests that the body rests, while tissue and nerves are renewed. During this time, the brain shifts through information that has been collected. The adaptive theory is based on a survival principle. Through evolution it has become natural that animals find food during the day/night, because of optimal sight ability. During the night/day the animals rest or hide because of limited sight ability. Whatever the reason why we sleep, it is common belief that sleep deprivation can cause multiple issues in the waking world. Sleep is a human function that is frequently being researched, however it is common consensus that it is essential to our well-being. 

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Ask L.Marie

Always had a burning question in the back of your mind, but did not know where to start, who to ask, or feared ridicule?

L.Marie is at your service, no question is inane or far fetched. Ask L.Marie and the answers you seek shall be answered*

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While You Were Sleeping

Photo Credit: L.Marie
 Beep. Beep. Ring. Ring. Can you take me to the mall? Why does everybody always want to talk to me while I am sleeping? No one ever wants to talk to me while I am awake. Never. But, once I turn the lights down, close my eyes. Beep. Beep. Ring. Ring. Can you take me to the mall? Sigh, I just want to s l e e p. That is normal, for me a mammal, a human to want to sleep? Correct!

    Sleep is an essential to our survival and wellbeing. During sleep the human body rests, while our minds remain active.  While we sleep we pass through 5 stages of sleep. The first 4 stages are called Non Rapid Eye Moment (Non-REM) and the 5thstage is the commonly known REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The first 2 stages are a light sleep, the feeling of falling or sudden jerking movement occurs often during these stages. Stages 3 and 4 are considered our deepest stages of sleep; during this time it is very difficult to wake the sleeper.  During REM our muscles become temporarily paralyzed. This temporary paralysis prevents acting out vivid dreams.  It is during REM that most dreams take place. Each cycle lasts approximately 90-110 minutes, which means we go though the 5 stages of sleep 4 to 5 times during an 8hr sleeping period.

    Our natural circadian rhythm runs on a 25 hour cycle. It is during this cycle that drowsiness sets in approximately every 12 hours. The reasons behind why we sleep are divided into two common theories. The restorative theory is based on the principle that we sleep to restore and revive our mind and body. This theory suggests that the body rests, while tissue and nerves are renewed. During this time, the brain shifts through information that has been collected. The adaptive theory is based on a survival principle. Through evolution it has become natural that animals find food during the day/night, because of optimal sight ability. During the night/day the animals rest or hide because of limited sight ability.... Want to read more? Read the rest of the article. 

Dream Sweet ~ L.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Mix It Up Mondays: Heavenzsun--Multi Dimensional Beings

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Multi Dimensional Beings (applying magickal concepts to our mundane realities)

You may have heard tossed around quite casually in metaphysical circles that We are multidimensional beings... but what does that mean? And how in the hell can we apply this to or daily mundane reality? A Syfy-like picture of some highly evolved alien demolecularizing from one form of reality to the next comes to mind. While this would be exciting, lets keep it real folks... maybe later on down the evolutionary veins of humanity this will be possible and plausible, but we are just not there... yet. For now lets look at this from where we stand, here on the Earth Plane in our multidimensional bodies and  in our present awareness!!!

Some dimensions we occupy and are generally conscious and aware of include but are not limited to...

Physical (both internal and external. immediate and surrounding)
This will include the things which are composed of matter.
Our physical bodies, our organs, our computers, the buildings in cities, our homes, the phones, the food we eat etc. etc. etc.
Mental (both internal and external. expressed and unexpressed)
This will include our thought patterns; the words and ideas that move through our minds and the stories that come out of our communication of them.
Emotional (both internal and external, expressed and unexpressed)
This will include our feelings. The joy, the pain, the sadness, the love, the jubilation, the humor etc etc etc
Now unfortunately some will have a problem here because some cannot sense energies. but this includes the sensations and vibes you receive and send out to and from your environment.
This will include the mysterious and hidden forces of our realities which permeates all dimensions. Here lies the things that intrigue us the most and inspire deep changes in all of our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic...). It loosely encompasses every dimension we can exist in and will strongly influence these dimensions in some way to great extent. This is the dimension where magickal things happen like when the girl of your dreams you feel you don't have a chance with actually likes you back, or when your bank account is empty and all you have to your name is a shoestring and a straw and you make an empire out of it...

There are an infinite number of dimensions we could deal with, but for the sake of time and space as well as clarity, we will deal with these simple and mundane level dimensions.
There are points in space and in time where these dimensions overlap. Let us look at our home environment for example.

Think of all the dimensions we discussed and how they manifest in the home.

What are some of the physical things in your home?
Do you have a Television? is there an oven? a bed. A bathroom? How does this bed feel to your body? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable? Are things operating and functioning properly or are they broke and in need of repair? What kind of food is in your home? Does the food you eat tear up your digestive system and make you feel bloated, constipated and cramped? Perhaps you have healthy food that leaves your body in a vibrant, energetic state.

What are some of the thoughts you keep and that come into your mind as you enter the home environment? Do you think about your family? Perhaps a warm plate of food in the oven? Maybe you think about your bed or shower-room. Are you dragging in all the BS from the conversations you had with with your boss about your work ethic to day at work? What are some of the reoccurring thoughts that repeatedly come into your mind in your home environment? Keep this in mind as we move on.

Lets move on to emotions. Emotionally, how do you feel? Is there happiness inside of your home? Is there anger and resentment? perhaps there is a feeling of insecurity or lack. You might feel high or depressed.

Energetically what is your home environment like? Is the atmosphere tense? When you walk into the home is there an aura of fear or hatred. Maybe you walk into a loving home where there are sensations of love security and safety. Perhaps there is an aura of warmth or an aura of ease and welcome. Is the energy unadulterated, flowing and cycling or blocked and building up to stagnant funkafied malodorous stench.

What is your home's spiritual environment like? Are there positive higher entities inside your house or maybe some lower level base  demons. what are some ceremonies you participate in to commune with these forces? Have you established a relationship between you and the higher and lower level forces of the universe? When was the last time you met God face to face?

Now lets look at the overlaps.

Look at your immediate home environment on the physical level. What is it about the television in your room that triggers feelings of happiness or excitement in you. Does the TV have a hand that reaches inside of your heart to pull the happiness switch? When do you experience this feeling absent the presence of the television? What is it about the food in the oven that inspires feelings of comfort or impatience? In listening to the sounds you hear around you; are they of a relaxing nature or do they influence you to feel anxious and on edge? Is your bed a source of comfort on an emotional level? what are some of the thoughts that go through your mind as you enter your room? Do you leave your stressful day of work at the door or do you carry them to bed. Do you take with you the thoughts of your plans for tomorrow? Perhaps the bed stimulates your mind to recall some of your adventures in your love life.

In being completely aware of these aspects of our reality lets shift perspectives to your work environment.
Ask similar questions and compare your work environment to your home environment.
what are some of the similarities? what are some of the differences?
Would you do the things you do in your home at work?

Try going to work with something physical from home that is associated with a particular feeling such as a picture or a book. When you are feeling a certain way that maybe you don't want to feel replace the feeling with the one that the book inspires in you by interacting with the object from home in some way. Now you are consciously in control of your emotions.

Continue to practice this ritual and see how quickly you are able to shift from one state of mind to the other just by object/feeling association alone.

Gyasi Heavenzsun Ogunfiditimi

To be cont'

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