Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chakra Meditation Guide

Chakra Meditation Guide

If possible have a relaxing sounds playing in the background.

1. Lay in a comfortable position. Breathe in and out.

2. Envision a white light above head

3. Envision white light traveling down body - relaxing your:
                  • forehead
                  • eyes
                  • neck
                  • shoulders
                  • arms
                  • fingers
                  • heart
                  • hip
                  • thighs
                  • shins
                  • toes
4. Starting at the root chakra (1st chakra) located at the base of the spine, envision the color red circulating in that area. With each breath see the color red becoming more vibrant. As you move on to the next area keep the red circulating.

5. Move on to your sacral chakra (2nd chakra) located in the pelvic area. Envision the color orange circulating in that area. With each breath see the color orange becoming more vibrant. As you move on to the next area keep the orange circulating.

6. Move on to your solar plex chakra (3rd chakra) located in the abdomen. Envision the color yellow circulating in that area. With each breath see the color yellow becoming more vibrant. As you move on to the next area keep the yellow circulating.

7. Move on to your heart chakra (4th chakra) located in your heart. Envision the color green circulating in that area. With each breath see the color green becoming more vibrant. As you move on to the next area keep the green circulating.

8. Move on to your throat chakra (5th chakra) located at your throat. Envision a light blue color circulating in that area. With  each breath see the light blue color becoming more vibrant. As you move on to the next area keep the light blue circulating.

9. Move on to your third eye/brow chakra (6th chakra) located in between your actual eyes. Envision a deep blue color circulating in that area. With each breath see the deep blue color becoming more vibrant. As you move on to the next area keep the deep blue circulating.

10. Move on your crown chakra (7th chakra) located at your top of your head. Envision  the color violet circulating in that area. With each breath see the deep blue color becoming more vibrant. As you move on to the next area keep the violet circulating.

11. Starting from your crown chakra, take the white light and go through all the chakras creating a rainbow.

Happy Chakra Balancing!


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Sleep on Your Back and Dream More?

What do the following have in common: sleeping on the backside, activated charcoal, and chakra meditation? They all assisted me in my dream recall and clarity. For the past month I have been sleeping on my back, drinking activated charcoal in water before bed, and doing chakra meditations. My surprising results have been precognitive dreams, daily recall of dreams, and outer body experiences (OBE).

I originally slept on my back to facilitate my ability to OBE. I had no idea that my dream recall would improve. Well, how do you know you were sleeping on your back the entire time? Good question, majority of the mornings, I awoke on my back. While sleeping on my back I have experienced OBE, in which I made it as far as around my home. I also had a few precognitive dreams involving my friends, which turned out to be accurate.

What is activated charcoal? Activated charcoal is a natural way to cleanse the body from harmful toxins. I purchased my activated charcoal from ( a great source for natural herbs/products/information). I would drink activated charcoal mixed with water prior to going to bed. I feel that the removal of certain toxins cleared my body and mind, which in return allowed my consciousness to be clear enough to dream vividly.

About mid month I added in chakra meditation prior to bed. What were my methods? For approximately 12 minutes I either did a guided chakra meditation that I found on iTunesU (great resource for free info) or I did my own version. Doing a chakra meditation allowed me to become relaxed before bed. My mind was clear and my energy was balanced, allowing me to be open to the dreamworld.

These are just three methods that I practiced this past month. It could have been one or more of these methods that assisted my recall. Try them out and let me know your results.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Movie Review: Ink

Ink (2009, NR) directed by Jamin Winans, starring: Quinn Hunchar, Chris Kelly, & Jessica Duffy.

Ink is a movie that viewers will either love or hate, not to many will be in between. Ink is a movie about a young girl whose soul was stolen while dreaming, by a lost soul called Ink. Ink needs the young girls soul in order to join the evil rankings of the Incubi. The Incubi are individuals who bring nightmares, doubt, and anguish to individuals. A group of Storytellers, who bring pleasant dreams, hope, and joy to individuals,  set on a mission to save the young girl. In the waking world the young girls father is on his own journey.

This is a movie I happened to enjoy tremendously and it is safe to say, I have never seen a movie quite like this one. What is intriguing about this film is the idea that our dreams and thoughts come from beings in an alternate dimension. The idea that our pleasant dreams come from storyteller spirits, that place dreams into your mind and incubi who place nightmares is what caught my interest. There are many theories dealing with the source of our dreams and though the one in this movie is fictional (or is it?), it had me wondering.

I recommend this movie for those who can follow a film that is different, intriguing, and has an ending that you may see coming, if you think like I do :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Movie Review: Dreamscape

Dreamscape (1984, PG-13) directed by Joseph Ruben, starring: Dennis Quaid, Kate Capshaw, Max von Sydow, & Christopher Plummer.

Dreamscape is a movie that dabbles with the idea of psychics being able to project into an individuals dream with the help of machines managed by researchers. The researchers decide to use this government funded project to assist those who have nightmares. The idea behind the machines is that psychics would be able to guide the nightmare into a pleasant realm. This concept works, but of course, what would a movie be without the antagonist? A corrupt government official decides to team up with a rogue psychic to infiltrate the Presidents nightmares and kill him. With the help of the good psychic, the President is saved from demise.

This was a fun and enjoyable 80s flick.

Though this movie may seem far-fetch, it kind of reminded me of the 1950s MKultra Projects. In the movie the project was funded for pure advancement of science, but corrupt government officials wanted to use the project as a form of assassination, something that could be used on political leaders.

Though this movie was pure sci-fi, makes you wonder... is it really fiction?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Closed Lids

Welcome to the Closed Lids blog!  Closed Lids represents ideas that may or may not frequently be viewed or discussed due to societal taboos; These ideas are not limited to astrology, reincarnation, numerology, auras, and other new age concepts. Having Closed Lids can also allow us to meditate, relax, find peace, and dream.

Often, we are closed to the metaphysical sides of life. The goal of Closed Lids is to engage in interactive discussion to open those Lids looking for understanding or assist those Lids closing in order to dream and reflect. Closed Lids Dares you to Blink and Dares you to Close Lids.

A little about me. 5'8, Caribbean descent, curvy, pretty, natural hair, went to college/grad school, play sports, love grapes; Your average girl, right? Hmm except for a few things I left out: I can create natal charts, I am obsessed with moon/stars/etc, I interpret dreams, I have predictive dreams, I sometimes leave my body, and did I mention I see dead people (JUST KIDDING, had you going for a second) I can’t see dead people (but I can do everything else), well maybe I choose not to see dead people (that's another story).

I am on an adventure, a journey I guess you can say. I am on a journey through the unknown. I have been asked before if I was psychic. I just laughed and said “I don't know what I am, but I can tell you, one thing I am not is psychic"

I guess this is my journey and yours as well into the paranormal, the metaphysical world, and such. Maybe through this journey I can figure out what am I doing, what am I, and how am I doing it?

I am L.Marie at your service; dreams, astrology, new age inquiries, etc; Ask and I tell... I tell and you read. If there is any service that you require in the present moment, please feel free to contact me via email: or visit the Closed Lids Website.

The idea behind this blog is to serve as a medium for individuals who would like to learn and understand different ideas. A few segments that will be featured on the Closed Lids Blog:

*Ask L.Marie - Readers can submit any questions on various topics. The questions and answers will be posted on  this blog.

*Book and Movie Reviews - I will post my recommendations on different books and movies.

*Product Reviews - I will post my recommendations on different products.

*Method Reviews - I will try different methods and post my experiences on this blog. 

*Guest Writers - I will have special guest writers featured on this blog discussing an array of topics. 

These are just a few segments that will appear on this blog that will further assist you, the reader in your various journey's.

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